11 06 2008

Game 3 coming up, and we’re in LA.
And honestly? I really don’t know what to expect.
Yes, I expect the Lakers to play better. But as I’ve stated, not actually sure that it was entirely their fault that they couldn’t get a rhythm going at either end of the court in game 2… not going to get into it again – my thoughts behind that are well-documented here (in other posts).

I think that you’ll see a lot of the LA squad play with renewed vigor (which we did see at the beginning of game 2)… and I think you’ll see fewer touch-fouls called on the LA guys as well, which should allow them to get into the game flow a little better.
It will be interesting to see if the homecourt advantage that was so strong over in Boston equates to anything for LA.

There’ll be the live-blogging folks as well – over at BDL, LABallTalk, & AOL Fanhouse.




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11 06 2008


And where’s Tommy to comment now?

Anyway, bit of a wrap-up of my thoughts tomorrow on the game.

11 06 2008


For the benefit of your readers …


As I mentioned starting last night’s Live Blog at LABallTalk.com … the Lakers were going to win last night’s game if they held their own with the Celtics in terms of the Rebounding Differential.

With the chance to settle in to Cali for the week, the Celtics will be well prepared for Game 4 & 5, both of which should be hum-dingers.

How Rondo reacts to the ankle injury he picked up last night; how Cassell reacts to being passed over as the back-up PG, in favour of House; and, how Eddie does as, either, the Starting PG (i.e. if Rondo’s availability is limited), or the Back-up PG (i.e. if Doc decides to go with House over Cassell, long term … which is what SHOULD happen, IMO, for the C’s to prosper) … will go a long way towards deciding if LA returns to Beantown up 3-2 in this series or trailing by the same margin (i.e. 2-3).

12 06 2008

is no one going to comment on the fact that the Lakers had 32 FTs comapred to 20 for the Celtics? I’m outraged that the NBA is allowing this travesty to stand. I demand action from Stu Jackson!

well done LA…. game 4 should be a hot one

12 06 2008

Ummm… did.
I’d suggest that it just makes what happened in game 2 all that more unlikely. Especially given that LA spent more time in the paint.

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