Blogsifting: The Truth is Out There (and it’s not Paul Pierce)

12 06 2008

Wow… a helluva lot going on in the NBA – finals, fixing, Stern vs Donaghy… riveting stuff.

Can the Lakers get up in game 4? Will the Celtics get a step closer? Does David Stern really expect Tim Donaghy to come up with a cool million?

Check out some of the better pieces on the interwebby at the moment:

  1. Postcards from LA – an excellent summation of what one fan believes LA must do to win. Empty The Bench (not the suggestion, just the blog!).
  2. Lists? We all love lists… here’s one from Epic CarnivalTop 10 Upcoming Tim Donaghy Allegations (penned by the excellent DMtShooter)…
  3. eTrueSports breaks the story that has the NBA no longer keeping score. I dunno… a lil’ skeptical on that one…
  4. Heh… some levity amongst it all. Brahsome shows Kobe dropping an obscenity on ESPN. Whoops.
  5. LABallTalk takes a look at game 3 in ‘Lakers Survive, Kobe Astonishes‘.
  6. The ever-astute Awful Announcing calls out JVG.
  7. Inevitable… at least, that’s how Hardwood Paroxysm sees it. I agree.

Stay tuned… lots more sports (especially NBA) to come…




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