Lakers gag on game 4

13 06 2008

Unbelievable. Simply aghast. To turn a 21 point 1st quarter lead, and a 18 point half-time lead into a 6 point loss is just ridiculous.

Kudos to Boston, they came to play, and never dropped their chins to their chests, even when getting hammered in the 1st.

Label done in part tongue-in-cheek… but I’d suggest that the first place Kobe should look for ‘who-to-get-angry-at’ is a mirror.
Hopefully, he won’t.
When you’re an adult, no regressing to childhood.




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13 06 2008

horrible horrible game.. really horrible.. brumbygg9 must be jumping with joy right now..

13 06 2008

I bet he is. And so he should be.
A very well-played game by the Celtics.

14 06 2008
Apryl DeLancey

I think I need to seek therapy now…

14 06 2008


As a die-hard Lakers fan, I offer you my sincere simpathy re: last night’s defeat. I can only imagine how painful that loss must have been for you and countless others.

That said, however … if the Celtics go on to win the 2007-2008 NBA Championship, as they are now poised to do, leading 3-1 in this series … the ‘Series Calls’ (re: Winners & Losers) I’ve made, in advance, during this post-season, will stand at 12-1 (92.3%) … which is superior to any other NBA Analyst I’m aware of who has published his/her selections this year.

As the old saying goes,

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”


Enjoy your weekend all! 🙂

PS. Lakers’ fans … as Doc said so eloquently last night, “Never stop believing, baby! … Stranger things have happened in this world than the Lakers coming back to win games #5 & #6 to force a climatic game #7. Keep the faith … your time WILL COME, again. 🙂

14 06 2008

And Kobe handled this devastating loss pretty well…

Not over, Boston in a good spot, but not over.

15 06 2008
A. Becker

It ain’t over, but this game would have drove me batty, had I still been a Laker fan 😉

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