It ain’t over

15 06 2008

Well… at least that’s the way I feel a few days post the absolutely terrible chokejob loss on Thursday night.
It’s not over.
Not yet.

Hope springs eternal I guess.

All records are made to be broken. Sooner or later, a team will win when they are down 3-0.
The Lakers are down 1-3. Get game 5, and it’s 2-3.
Can the Lakers win 2 in the Garden? Well… it’s unlikely, but I’ll not give up hope yet. Not with this group of Lakers. Not with Kobe Bryant on the team.

Game 4.
Talk about highs followed by gut-twisting lows.

The first quarter was brilliant. Everything the Lakers needed to do, they did. Lamar Odom was phenomenal. Aggressive, attacking the basket. He did everything that was expected on him. Gasol started slow, but looked better in the 2nd.
Up by 18 at the half, and with Kobe playing the facilitator to that point, everything looked set for a big second half… a half that would build some momentum to take through to game 5 and on to the TD Banknorth Garden.

But it was not to be.
Second half, it was almost as if the teams switched uniforms.
The Lakers appeared young and uncertain. Lamar Odom’s aggression completely disappeared. Pau Gasol looked downright scared to be out there. Sasha Vujacic went from being a well-oiled Machine to an absolute rust-ridden clanker.
For once, Phil Jackson was unable to stop the rot with a few smart adjustments.

Boston never dropped their heads, never lost sight of what they came to LA to do.
And do it they did. Coming back from down by over 20, to win by 6 in the home of the traditional enemy… it was truly a magnificent performance.
Pierce was inspirational, Allen damn good, and Posey fantastic off the bench.

Looking ahead to game 5, the Lakers can do this. It’s not over, not when it’s at Staples. Not when Kobe’s so fired. Not when Phil Jackson has something to prove.
But big changes in attitudes must happen. Kevin Garnett’s been largely MIA on offense ever since the first half of game 1… Gasol & Odom must get it done. Yes, neither are a big-bodied center, and yes, in this series LA obviously is missing Andrew Bynum. But they more than managed against Denver, Utah and San Antonio. They have to step up.
It’s time.
Gods… it’s time.




One response

16 06 2008

I have been very disappointed in the play of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom in general, but it was quite a thrill seeing everything Odom touched go in the basket during his first half performance in Game 4. Unfortunately, the Lakers let their foot off Boston’s throat and here we are. I think their best bet is to pressure the basketball full-court and play as aggressively as possible on defense, traps and double-teams – create some chaos and get those “old men” running, especially the allegedly injured Rondo.

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