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17 06 2008

Was asked to do a round-table discussion on Feet In The Paint recently, and also took part in a opinion-piece over at The NBA Source of MVN Basketball.

An excerpt from the piece at Feet In The Paint (Postseason Roundtable Discussion – with The Eastcoast Bias, With Malice, Setshot, Hoops State of Mind, Fouled Out, Khandor’s Sports Blog, Slam Dunk Central)…

Has the entertaining “7 seconds or less” basketball concept seen its end?
At the Suns, yes. I think we’ll see a slower tempo of basketball played in Phoenix. Mike D’Antoni will build a similar game-plan over in New York, but it will take time. Just because he’s moved, don’t expect any “I-was-wrong” revelations from D’Antoni. And that’s a good thing.
Even if it’s not the “7 seconds” philosophy, there are other teams that are build to play a high-octane brand of basketball too. Don’t fear: fast-paced, high-scoring teams will always exist.”

From The NBA Source (3 on 3: With-Malice, Southside Perspective, and Lakers Library):

“What’s your take on the storyline that the Lakers-Celtics rivalry is back and the NBA is returning back to the glory days of the 80s?
I’m not entirely sure that it’s actually going to happen… there are a few other teams who might have something to say about that. New Orleans, Portland, Utah… all will want to have a part to play in the next few years.”

Head over to those, and get a look at what folks had to say.




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