17 06 2008

Well… not exactly what you’re expecting.

Phenomenal strip of Paul Pierce here by Kobe… followed by the emphatic dunk.

Game 6 is Tuesday 17th June, in Boston.




4 responses

17 06 2008
Matt from HP

If you’re going for dirty jokes here, the correct one is “illegal reach around.” Because Kobe both molested him and reached in, which should have been a foul. I’m just saying. I don’t mind them not calling it, but I do mind them not calling it after giving Pierce and Garnett ticky tack fouls for their respective fifths. The Staples love continues. But don’t laud a non-called reach-in.

17 06 2008

“Reach around” works… and yes, you could interpret this as a foul… but c’mon, after the disparity of game 2, and KG’s continual moving screens, you’d quibble over this one?

17 06 2008

nice.. kinda reminded me of jordan stealing the ball from malone..

17 06 2008

Not sure I’d go there…

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