In Review… who picked what, and who messed up

19 06 2008

Did a piece a lil’ while back called “So… NBA Finals, huh? Who you got?” where I asked prominent bloggers who they’d pick. And sheesh… did most of us miss – and then some – or what? Almost as bad as the ESPN guys (only Legler picked the C’s).
In review:

– Of those that picked the Celtics, some got it right on – Celtics in 6. They were Jeff at, Matt Moore from Hardwood Paroxysm, Paul from WhatifSports, FLCeltsfan from Loy’s Place, Ricky from Sixers 4 Guidos, Ryan Schwan of Hornets247, Nick from The Nugg Doctor, Nels from Give Me The Rock, and our very own Rob-the-rabid-Celtics-fan.

– Those that picked the Celtics, but missed on games were: College Wolf at TWolvesBlog, and Khandor over from Khandor Sports. Both had the C’s in 7.

The rest of us? Well… we got it wrong. A whopping 24 of us went for the Lakers in a variety of calls from ‘in-5’ to ‘in-7’.
Sheesh. Boy, did we get it wrong.

Anyway, was fun. Basketball season’s over, but we’ll still be doing wrap-ups of seasons, looks at the draft & trades/rumours et al.
With Malice will morph somewhat into a more general sports blog (still putting up stuff daily), but still will be looking forward to next NBA season.

Looking forward to it.




6 responses

19 06 2008
A. Becker

It will be interesting to see what moves both teams make in the off season.

So far, Kobe’s legacy is……’No championship without Shaq, for you, JACK!’

19 06 2008

You figure? That when all’s said and done, that’s how he will be remembered?

Ummm… I’ve not seen that written anywhere other than the odd bitter blog.

19 06 2008
Ryan Schwan

Hey look! I got a prediction right! Does that negate my predictions based on my certainty the the Hornets were making it to the WCF?

20 06 2008
A. Becker

I did say “so far”, and Kobe was the reason for me turning on him when he started talking sh#% to Shaq after he was busted. Who knows how many championships he cost the Lakers, 2?, even though Shaq is at his end.

20 06 2008

If Kobe were to retire now, he’s still achieved more thus far than 99.9% of all NBA players. I think he’ll be fine. He’ll always be regarded as somewhat selfish, but I think that’s just the trade-off for having someone who’s so intensely focused on what he’s doing.

I think you should read a lil’ more on what’s now available on that situation. More than anything, it was Buss not willing to pay more money to O’Neal… and as far as ‘childish spats’ go, both Shaq & Kobe are a push on that.

And given the way they lost with the addition of both Malone & Payton to that team, I think it’s impossible to state that O’Neal’s departure cost them 2 titles or more. One thing’s for certain: Shaq leaving left LA in a far better position now than they would otherwise have been.

22 06 2008

That last sentence is certainly true…Shaq’s departure from L.A. has turned out to be a positive for the franchise happening when it did. Maybe there would have been an additional title, maybe not…but what a mess they would have been with the current version of Shaq still under contract.

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