NFL Craziness

21 06 2008

Well… time for a lil’ bit of new blood around here!
And I’d like to introduce you to someone who’ll be doing a weekly spot on the NFL here: Adam… this British guy who… well… actually, I’ll let him introduce himself!

Mad London NFL fan will be going to a record setting 35 NFL games this season.
Hello my name is Adam, and I have just sold my apartment in London, I’m about to leave my job AND leave my beautiful girlfriend in London for several months, to go on a world record setting NFL trip.
I will be going to 35 NFL games during the 2008 regular season!
Taking in one NFL game at each home stadium, two games at Soldier Field to see my beloved Chicago Bears as well as the Toronto and London games, all this in 17 weeks!

Why am I doing this you may ask?
Well I’ve always loved football and I have been to a few games in the States and always loved the community and atmosphere, and then I realized just how different the culture is for each team and I suddenly wanted to check out each team – and find out for myself – who has the best fans.

I will be driving to most of the games taking in the whole tailgate culture… and as a Brit I will hopefully uncover some great American cultural nuggets. I am blogging my trip on my website: Adam’s Football Trip … as well as writing a book and making a documentary.

So feel free to check out my schedule and get involved!






6 responses

22 06 2008

Adam, sounds like a very cool undertaking and I am sure your experiences will be worth documenting. There is nothing like an NFL Sunday, especially in the parking lots of the stadiums hosting the games!

23 06 2008
Irish Warriors

Yeah heard about this on the NFLUK site. Probably been bought up countless times but why not contact some of the TV or media companies and see what they have to say about. Wouldn’t mind reading an article or watching a TV doccumentary about it

23 06 2008
Irish Warriors

Oh yeah and best of luck dude. Make sure you tell how you’re experiences were at Candlestick. Awesome place to visit especially in September!

23 06 2008

Cheers for the feedback guys, let me know if any of you guys will be at any of the games, we’ll have to meet at the tailgate!

24 06 2008
Irish Warriors

I’m going to the London game might see you there !

27 06 2008

Wow, sounds like an amazing trip! Good Luck Adam

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