Baseball: writing on MLB

26 06 2008

Aaaaanyway… With Malice needed a baseball writer. It’s no problem for me to do the odd opinion piece on the game, but I lack the passion for it in the way that I’m passionate about basketball, or rugby, Australian footy… well, you get the picture. So introducing Ethan Stanislawski, who’ll write on baseball here.

Ethan Stanislawski is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, the school that brought baseball to Japan and whose football team invented the forward pass, the huddle, and the term Monsters of the Midway.
Recent athletic highlights of the University of Chicago include failing to complete a single pass at homecoming and being ranked #1 in Division III women’s basketball for like 3 days.

As the son of a Columbia professor, he has a long history of rooting for futile college sports programs, which produces weird side effects such as thinking Marcellus Wiley is the greatest analyst on ESPN.
To compensate for his college loyalties he is a die-hard Yankees and Packers fan, though roots for the Rangers, Knicks and Jets just to keep things honest.
He currently blogs at Tynan’s Anger which mixes theater, film, and culture thinkpieces with posts about Mark Prior’s arm falling off and NHL draft coverage.

Sheesh… a Yankees/Knicks fan? What am I getting myself into? I thought it was tough enough coping with Rob as a Boston Celtics fan… life’s about to get interesting around here. Look forward to seeing MLB posts around here from Ethan.




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26 06 2008
» Baseball: writing on MLB

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