Insight into NBA Draft pick Jerryd Bayless

26 06 2008

The NBA Draft looms large, and for none more so than those who wait to see where they’ll drop. Having a look at one of the better players who’ll feature in the 2008 NBA Draft… this piece came about post communication with someone who has actually worked with Bayless.

An early entry candidate for the 2008 NBA Draft, Jerryd Bayless is poised to be the next big thing in American basketball.
Combining speed with superior skill, Bayless is as strong on defense as he is charging the net. It’s that combination of athleticism and versatility that earned him Second Team All-Pac-10 and All-Freshman Team honors while playing for the Arizona Wildcats, led him to score 15 points for the USA Junior National Select Team that defeated the World Select Team at the 2007 Nike Hoop Summit in Memphis, Tenn, and found him averaging 11.0 points and 4.3 rebounds on the gold-medal winning United States team at the 2006 FIBA Americas U18 Championship for Men in San Antonio.
Not a bad career resume for the 19-year-old recent college graduate.

But Bayless isn’t exactly the cliché of an NBA superstar. Don’t expect any trash talk or street swagger from this son of a college counselor and forensic psychologist.
As for basket ball being the only route “out” for this young man… not so much. His big brother was a pretty good ball player too… but he instead chose a career on Wall Street as an investment banker.

Jerryd was windsurfing at age 8 and, Justin — his brother — swears Jerryd could have gone pro – as a table-tennis player!
And he has hit two hole in ones on the links.
He attributes much of his success in basketball to big brother Justin, who let 11 year old Jerryd practice with him and his 15 year old friends (and knocked him around in the process) at the posh suburban Phoenix health and racket club that served as their “home gym”.
Jerryd may only be 6’3″, but he started his basketball career playing with guys who towered over him. That’s why he seems so unfazed by the “big men”.

Jerryd grew up in a family that places a high premium on success and the hard work it takes to win. At 19 he is still very close with his parents and especially big brother. And even though Justin is in NYC working the long hours, Jerryd of course has found an interesting way to keep in touch — by seeing him on live streaming video calls.
These two brothers are able to share the moments of their lives… whether it’s on a date, traveling on the road, or going to the NBA draft. Check out the brother using Video Share technology and get a sneak peak into the life of this soon-to-be basketball superstar…




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