Fixin’ the Knicks

27 06 2008

Written for With Malice by Seth from Posting and Toasting

What the New York Knicks need, more than anything, is a change of culture.

The past few years have been filled with misery and paranoia, which both loses games and alienates fans. The team is already taking steps in the right direction.
Isiah Thomas – the face of MSG’s era of bad feelings – dwells now in the shadows, with the wise, grandfatherly Donnie Walsh and the cheerful Mike D’Antoni taking the reins. James Dolan’s firm media policy has been retracted, taking some weight off players and media alike.

Moving forward, the Knicks need to stay young and fresh and work to cut payroll in preparation for a possible big splash (LeBron or otherwise) in 2010.
In Thursday’s draft and subsequent ones, players with a distinct skill set, a healthy attitude, and a commitment to the defensive end of the floor take precedent over the unrefined runners and jumpers that inhabit every draft class.

Things appear to be on the rise, and with a couple proper drafts and some responsible spending, the Knicks may very well be back in the picture in a few years.




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