27 06 2008

First of all, I DID NOT write the following. It was written by a Rugby League fan and one can only assume he had been drinking at the time. It was written by someone on one of the forums I sometimes frequent. I know them only as Ser. Here, unedited except for some nice photos, is his spin on Queensland’s much vaunted state passion:

Queenslanders have long regarded state pride and passion their domain, something that no other state can match, and it is apparently exemplified during the yearly SoO campaign. Time and again we hear that it was passion that got them over the line, that Queenslanders somehow acquire more skills, stamina and doggedness when wearing maroon, that NSW cannot match Queensland for passion either within the team or even within the stadium. We’ve seen numerous NSW identities also buy this bunkum and trot it out as an excuse for a NSW game or series loss – “I wish NSW would show the same passion….”, “Qeenslanders believe in each other….” etc.

You want the truth? If you are a Queensland supporter chances are you cannot handle the truth, but here it is nonetheless. It ain’t passion, it’s fear. Fear of failure. Fear of NSW dominance. Fear of a loss of identity.

Queensland RL rightly fears failure. At a state level, through no fault of their own, NSW HAS dominated Qld over the last century. This is due to rules made by NSWelshmen that ensured Queensland had to compete without those players who were talented enough to make it in THE BIG LEAGUE. This uneven playing field lasted for a third of the century of League in Australia. There was also failure at club level. Queensland provided Australia with the first Rugby League club – is this recognised? Nope. Why not? Because the QRL did not become the DOMINANT competition in Australia, that honour goes to…… yep, NSW under the NSWRL banner. The victors in any form of competition get to write the history, whether it is correct or not. Who wouldn’t be afraid of failing in those circumstances….again.

Now, who in their right mind would want to return to that? Queenslanders have pride in their state, no argument in that, and, being proud would anyone want to see dominance on such a scale that the very idea of even competing at state level became unpalatable. Who wouldn’t be afraid of returning to being dominated….again.

Name two of the most reconisable Rugby League identifiers? NSW and Queensland SoO teams would have to be right up there. I admit that without Queensland laudable contribution, SoO would be dead but without SoO what does Queensland RL have? A second tier club competition, just like Newcastle, the Central Coast, the Riverina etc. State pride INSISTS on more than that. Who would want to lose such a powerful vision that Queensland has in their State Of Origin performances?

The Queenslanders are shaking their heads, faces growing redder than their necks right now, but, here is the proof.

A NSW side loses Origin. It hurts, hurts like hell, but guess what? Even after a loss they can still say “At least we play in the worlds best club competition, which was whelped in NSW and grew to national dominance and a club competition where, since 1988 NSW teams have won 63% of the time”

A Qld side loses Origin. It hurts, hurts like hell, but guess what? After a loss they can still say “At least we play in the worlds best club competition, which was whelped in NSW and grew to national dominance where, since 1988 Qld teams have won 26% of the time…….DOH!!!”

Who has more to lose in Origin therefore more reason for fear? Queensland

Fear does not equal passion.

You can find this article and other sports discussion at The Colosseum




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27 06 2008
Big Al

Yep,,that about sums it up..
Allied with Qlds constant whingeing that they are hard done by..
Roll on SOO 3…NSW assumes its rightful mantle as the Premier State !!!

27 06 2008

You are much like the original author. I think you’ve been drinking as well.

27 06 2008
Brasco King

Could only be written by someone from NSW. After QLD lose we don’t look on the upside. We find fault in each and everyone of our own who took the field. We criticize and compare, debate and debunk, argue and agree, until we work out what went wrong and how and then move on to trying to beat NSW in the follow up game.

It has long been said that NSW players play for Australian jerseys, while QLDers play for QLD. This is true. After game 1 this year NSW weren’t concerned with how they were going to beat QLD, they were only concerned with the margin. Time and time again they are given a lesson in Origin by QLD in game 2 after winning the first, but they have never and will never learn exactly what State of Origin means to us. And if, as they say, history repeats, then they never will.

27 06 2008
Big Al

Bigredman,,,that’s a good idea.. The Chooks/Dogs game is on TV in 10 minutes,,and I think I might crack a bottle of Red..

27 06 2008
Big Al

As for you Dunny Boy,,fugg orf..Blues to squelch the bejeezus out of the Toads next week..

30 06 2008

Brasco King,

Wrong on a couple of accounts. I’m not a NSWelshman nor do I buy into the ‘special’ passion of Queensland at SoO time. Nor was my above article meant as a serious expose. It was intended to refute the idea that Queenslanders had the sole right to playing the ‘passion’ card come SoO.

I readily admit that, without the Queensland contribution, SoO would not exist, but don’t try to sell me on the idea of some supernatural aura that is embedded in a maroon jersey.

Queensland does indeed have a passion for SoO but that passion is matched by both players and spectators wearing blue. What is the difference then, you argue. Look at the results – there is precious little difference. The best Australian (and others) Rugby League players meeting in an annual series over a near-thirty year period and what seperates them? The Series are 12-12. The Games are 40(NSW)-41(Qld). The Points are 1302(NSW)-1315(Qld).

Queensladn may have had a bigger contribution to the success of Origin but this passion thing is a myth.

30 06 2008

Ser, my humblest apologies for confusing you for one of “them”. Have edited the opening paragraph accordingly.

3 07 2008

So a QLD team has only won 26% of the premierships and that’s a bad thing. Go back to school. With the exception of the last few years, there has only ever been two QLD clubs in the competition at one time. Out of an approximate average 17 teams in the competition over the years, they represent ~12% of the competition. Yet they have won 26% of the time.

Does that mean QLD clubs are successful overachievers and NSW clubs are pathetic underachievers…? Not really, but since we are all being one sided here, I’ll say yes.

Though no one can argue with the Broncos record. They are not only the most successful club over the last 20 years (you idiot…), they are the most successful club in the games history in terms of premierships per year. And many other sports as well.

In reference to the article, I think that QLD “passion” comes from being constantly screwed over by the ‘big brother’ NSWRL, who were the dominant organisation and often treated QLDRL with comtempt. The QLDers felt they had a point to prove as NSW thought they were, to use Willie’s words, ‘rednecks’.

Beating NSW in rubgy won’t stop all QLDers from being rednecks, but it will sure make them feel better anyway. PS. Go check the SoO ‘games won’ record and tell me which state is better. Its QLD in case you didn’t know. 42-40. Snap.

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