With high hopes and expectations…

27 06 2008

Well… the NBA 2008 Draft’s nearly upon us, and I’ll keep it updated here as info comes in… at least the interesting bits…

The latest ESPN mock draft has the following as the lottery picks:

  1. Derrick Rose
  2. Michael Beasley
  3. OJ Mayo
  4. Eric Gordon
  5. Kevin Love
  6. Danilo Gallinari
  7. Brook Lopez
  8. Russell Westbrook
  9. Anthony Randolph
  10. Joe Alexander
  11. Kosta Koufos
  12. Jerryd Bayless
  13. DJ Augustin
  14. Donte’ Green

And that’s your ‘projected’ lottery… will update this thread as we go.

Actual draft…

  1. Chicago selected Derrick Rose
  2. Miami took Michael Beasley – thus far, no surprises, huh?
  3. Minnesota take OJ Mayo
  4. Seattle take Russell Westbrook
  5. Memphis take Kevin Love
  6. New York select Danilo Gallinari
  7. LA Clippers choose Eric Gordon
  8. Milwaukee select Joe Alexander
  9. Charlotte take DJ Augustin
  10. New Jersey choose Brook Lopez – first o’ the busts? Sorry… not a fan.
  11. Indiana take Jerryd Bayless – surprised to not see him earlier…
  12. Sacramento take Jason Thompson
  13. Portland (traded to Indiana) take Brandon Rush – Rush is a better pick than some that have gone earlier…
  14. Golden State take Anthony Randolph – risky pick
  15. Phoenix (from Atlanta) choose Robin Lopez – hugely amazed that Lopez mk2 went this early… at least he wasn’t a lottery pick…
  16. Philadelphia selects Marreese Speights
  17. Indiana (from Toronto) get Roy Hibbert – should get immediate court time…
  18. Washington selects JaVale McGee
  19. Cleveland take J.J. Hickson
  20. Charlotte (from Denver) choose Alexis Ajinca
  21. New Jersey (from Dallas) selects Ryan Anderson
  22. Courtney Lee to Orlando – wasn’t she married to Kurt Cobain?
  23. With the 23rd pick, Utah select Kosta Kofous
  24. Seattle (from Phoenix) choose Serge Ibaka
  25. Houston select Nicolas Batum
  26. San Antonio takes George Hill
  27. Portland (from New Orleans) choose Darrell Arthur – I don’t think anyone had him going this late…
  28. Memphis (from LA Lakers) select Donte Green
  29. Detroit takes DJ White
  30. Boston select JR Giddens

End of the first round…

Second round… stuff that matters (well… to me)

  • Nathan Jawai picked up at #41 by the Indiana Pacers… given the void left at the ‘big-man’ slots at the Pacers, Jawai’s got a bit of a shot there.
  • The Lakers take guard Joey Crawford with 58th pick.  Like they need another guard… but as if a guy who was taken with the 58th pick is getting court-time outside of D-League.  If he ever does make the floor, I hope that the Lakers manage to give him number 17 (sorry Andrew).
  • And happy birthday to Will Brinson from over at AOL Fanhouse, who hosted the live-blogging of the Draft… on his birthday!



3 responses

28 06 2008

Don… 41 is actually a Raptors pick.. Pacers made it for us. Like we made 17 for them.

29 06 2008

Not yet Flux… trades involving the draft (post draft) cannot be made ‘official’ until July 1.

29 06 2008

We so agree on Brook Lopez…my NBA Draft post went out of its way to signal his selection as part of the Nets fade into the sunset. The guy forgot – or just ignored – taking enough classes to stay eligible at STANFORD, of all places. He and his brother appear to be just drifting along in life and I suspect they both will just wander around the NBA courts for a year or two before heading to Amsterdam to make a living…at something.

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