Blogsifting: Hot summer nights

7 07 2008

Hot here, at least the rainy season’s past. Baseball’s in full flow, and it’s nearly time for the summer barbecues…

Anyway, in sports blogs at the moment:

  1. Nuh-uh chicken lil’… you got it wrong. The Sky is not fallingFive Tool Tool (you might want to check out DMtShooter’s take on the A-Rod divorce too – quite the unexpected!).
  2. Blake Murphy has a look at the salary cap woes for free agents in the NBA… Hoops Addict.
  3. Seriously… Brett Favre is looking like a bit of a bum at the moment – he’s in danger of damaging something that’s oh-so-important to athletes: his legacy. Signal To Noise asks him to stay away.
  4. Sabathia heads off to the Brewers. The Cub Reporter explores the trade’s significance… especially to post-game buffets.
  5. The Angry T looks at the years of Tiger Stadium.
  6. Blog-a-Bull rips into Chris Duhon to Knicks.
  7. On a slightly different bent, And One‘s Carolyn has an interview with artist Joey Kimmel.



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