Super Sixers – All Time Team

9 07 2008

This list was compiled by the incomparable DMtShooter, from Five Tool Tool

All-Time Sixers Team

Center — Wilt Chamberlain
Power Forward – Charles Barkley
Small Forward – Julius Erving
Shooting Guard – Allen Iverson
Point Guard – Mo Cheeks

Center – Moses Malone
Forwards – Bobby Jones, Billy Cunningham, Dolph Schayes
Guards – Andrew Toney, Hal Greer, Hersey Hawkins

Coach – Billy Cunningham

With the Sixers, this is a relatively easy list to compile. You’ve got the four franchise MVPs, and your only choice is whether to start Wilt or Moses at center, and while Moses was the best player in the game for a brief and mostly forgotten period, he’s not Wilt.

The players all mostly separate nicely by roles; it’s not like you have a real problem imagining Chuck and Doc being in the same lineup, because they just do different things, especially early in Chuck’s career, when he was basically an unstoppable energy player. I’d love to see the first team play if for no other reason to see how Allen Iverson would adjust his game to having teammates that could play at his level. Ivy is going to go down in team history as a beloved but tragic figure, and it doesn’t betray the laundry to say that he deserved better. Cheeks might have issues guarding modern points due to size, but both guards are deadly in generating steals, and with this many scorers on the floor, it’s nice to have a very pure point.

The first team is a monster on on-the-ball matchups, but they are fairly weak defensively, and can definitely be posted up in the backcourt. That’s where the bench can really pick it up. Jones was simply an outstanding defender, a freakish albino with length and superior positioning, and he’d run all day long. I’m seeing Schayes in the role as ancient bruiser, and it says something to my tastes that I took Rick Mahorn off the roster to include him. Andrew Toney off the bench is serious fun, and Hersey Hawkins is in for those end-of-quarter three-pointers, because if there is one thing that my team has more or less taken a pass on in its entire history as a franchise, it’s shooting from beyond the arc. It’d also be highly interesting to see how Moses would blend with the others here. A team with Chamberlain at center versus a team with Malone there is, well, just a ridiculously different team. In Moses, AI and Chuck, we’ve got three guys who just dominated the ball during their peak years in Philly; all are wildcards, to some extent, in an All-Star lineup

Does my team win in an all-time versus all-time game against other franchises? In a single-game environment, that’s very possible, but in a longer series, the defensive problems and possible chemistry issues would keep them from breaking through against the Lakers or Celtics. We also don’t have a terrific record in tight series; when the Sixers win historically, it’s a rout. (Perhaps if I bring in Larry Brown over Cunningham at coach, but to be honest, I can’t see Larry winning with this much talent. He’s more of a my system guy. Besides, he’d jump ship in mid-season, anyway.)

A more interesting matchup to my mind would be whether the all-time team could beat the two nearly perfect teams in the franchises’s history (that’d be 66-’67 and 82-83′). My money would be on either of the individual year teams, which had perfect chemistry and superstars at the height of their powers, and wouldn’t have ball-sharing issues between Chuck, AI and the center. Now, who wins between the two era teams? Well, I’m not old enough to remember the ’67 club, but I’ve never seen a team that was more perfectly configured than the ’82 outfit. My money’s on them, along with the idea that I’m never going to see a team that good again.

As for the question of whether anyone on the current roster could crack the All-Time lineup… maybe, one day, Andre Iguodala for either Greer or Hawkins, but only if he seriously upgrades his handle and shooting range. I’m not betting on it.

Oh, and one last thing — we definitely have the all-time clown team (coached by Doug Moe, and “starring” Shawn Bradley, Sharone Wright, Armon Gilliam, Tim Perry, Chris Webber, Leon Wood and Clarence Weatherspoon… I’d go on, but the flashbacks are starting to get fierce) in during pre-season to serve as a punching bag. Watching Moses work on the Death Stick, Chuck trashing the trash that was traded for him, Bobby Jones making Chris Webber cry… that’d be more fun than watching the real games. Much, much, much more fun…

– DMtShooter




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8 07 2008


9 07 2008
Holden Caulfield

Just a thought but after looking at the 1997 nba draft I noticed that the Sixers almost got the #1 pick which was Tim Duncan. How many championships do you think the Sixers would have gotten with Tim Duncan and Allen Iverson on the same team. Instead the Sixers got Keith Van Horn. I was also wondering as a Sixer fan do you regret that the Sixers picked Allen Iverson over Kobe Bryant in the 1996 draft because lets say Kobe and Tim Duncan on the same team they would have dominated the NBA.

9 07 2008

Being from Philadelphia, I can stamp “100% approved” on this list. Great post. It is my opinion Andre Iguodala will eventually prove out to be a “third-option” type player and is vastly overrated, but mentioning him in this piece is the absolute only thing I could find any fault with. And at that, my comment is made under duress dealing with the fact the hometown Sixers are about to ensure their continuing as a borderline playoff team for years to come for throwing big money at Elton Brand, continuing a rich Philadelphia pro sports tradition of picking up former stars on their way down…and out.

9 07 2008

Maybe this is just the Philly Guy in me talking, but I don’t regret the AI Era, or the fact that they took him instead of Kobe. First off, he was the consensus #1 pick, whereas plenty of teams had a shot at Kobe (and the Hornets, remember, moved him for Vlade Divac). I don’t see them winning any more championships with Kobe than AI, even though Kobe is the better player; he’s not *that* much better.

As for the Duncan year, well, sure, in that he’s the best power forward in NBA history. Would they have won with AI and Duncan? Very possibly, if only because Duncan might have been the best teammate possible for AI (settling especially with Prima Larry at coach, erases defensive penetration, clutch, stayed healthy). I’m not sure they’d get past the Kobe/Shaq Lakers in the Finals, but they’d have gotten there more than once.

As for the Iggy bashing, jeez, read my post again. I said I didn’t bet on it. He’s the best player on the current team, and if he improves the handle and range, he’s got a shot at a late in life, Paul Pierce-esque, re-evaluation. Give him some credit for being a multi-category player, a terrific finisher, and a plus defender. There’s some good stuff there. As for Brand, have a little hope. It’s not like Boston’s going to get any better than they are right now, with the miles on those tires.

10 07 2008

DmtShooter…I just pictured your image of A.I. and Duncan on the same team and got all hissed off again…on the heels of the Sixers actually closing the deal with Brand. God, I hate to play “what if’s,”…but “what if?” I mean, who knows where that twosome could have gone. As for Brand, someone calling into sports talk yesterday said the new team marketing campaign should go from “run with us” to “limp with us.” I’m smelling Chris Webber all over again here…but I will take your advice and try to not walk around clenching both fists…maybe just one for now.

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