Green Bay a Favre-free zone?

10 07 2008

NFL is abuzz at the moment with the rumoured intention of Brett Favre to return to football. Something Brett Favre himself assures us all is ‘just a rumour’.

I don’t buy that. I think he wants in again.

Funny, listening to Scott Van Pelt the other day, you’d think that with the Favre situation it’s simply a question of who gives you the best chance of winning a Superbowl (and Van Pelt clearly leant towards Favre on that).

If only it were actually that simple. The Green Bay Packers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, make no mistake. Do they take the high road, and tell #4 that “You know what? Thanks, but no thanks.”… or do they put their future on hold for a guy who put them through this:

Or do they keep him… or trade him? What a spot for the Packers to be placed in, this close to training camp.

Look, don’t get me wrong – Brett Favre was an incredible player… possibly still ‘is’. Probably. But in welcoming back Favre would effectively end Aaron Rogers at Lambeau. And it’s beyond me how someone could go through the obvious emotional trauma that was witnessed at Favre’s supposed retirement, and come back.

This was supposed to be ‘it’. This was supposed to be the end of the years of ‘will he/won’t he’. An end to the uncertainty that Green Bay training camps were awash with for the past few years.
So, we all sat through Favre’s farewell… an undertaking that was definitely difficult for Favre himself.
That was abysmal… on several levels.
Someone should’ve stepped in midway through and said ‘Ok, enough. Let’s continue this tomorrow.’
But no-one did.
No-one could.
Honestly? I think that is someone did, Favre would’ve been grateful.
It’s just testament to the sway that Favre held at Greenbay. And in the next few weeks leading up to training camp, we’ll see exactly how much sway Brett Favre still holds there.

This has got to be killing Aaron Rogers. Finally, he gets a chance to start, and then Favre pulls a cheap, lame stunt like this.
Look, I get it that it’s “Brett Favre”, and we should all be impressed… but please. Comebacks like this are rarely a good idea, and usually just lead to more frustration.

So, what do coach Mike McCarthy and GM/et al Ted Thompson do?
They really only have 3 options.

  1. Welcome him back, and wave bye-bye to Rogers. And who could blame him…
  2. Say ‘no thanks’, and release him…
  3. Trade him…

Either of the last two would be incredibly difficult, but the first option would be no less so, for different reasons. Accepting back Favre just places all the power in the hands of a guy who’s uncertain about whether he wants to play or not.

So… let him go? Let him play alongside purple Jesus, or as one of the hated Bears? Or trade him? And the two prime candidates in need of a veteran presence at QB are… Minnesota and Chicago. Sheesh.

Don’t let him back in Green Bay. Politely tell him that the Favre era is over at Lambeau, and trade him.
Say thanks, and get whatever you can for him. But it’s time he was gone.
Time for Aaron Rogers to have his shot.
Time for everyone to move on.

That said and done, it’ll probably end up being a rumor anyway.




5 responses

11 07 2008

Rumor 😉

11 07 2008

Brett wants back in at Green Bay. I KNEW he would come back. (can’t wait for payup on all the bets I had out there for his return!)
The fans I have spoken to here in Milwaukee want Brett to return as QB.
Rodgers is a nobody as far as we are concerned. He may result in a complete dud. Who knows? And he is injury prone. He is unproven ‘talent’. Come on back Brett! Finish your two year contract and Rodgers will just have to wait…

11 07 2008

“He may result in a complete dud”

C’mon, it’s also possible he could be the next coming of “insert your favourite QB here”. How will you know if he spends his entire career warming a bench? Favre has to retire at some stage and if he screws the Packers in terms of them having to let Rogers go then how long does it take Green Bay to get another QB ready to go when he retires next season (or the one after , or the one after that etc).

There is one other option – take Favre back but make him second on the depth chart/play special teams – see how he likes being a kick holder for a season. Stops Chicago and Minnesota from getting him as well.

13 07 2008

In the real world, an employee who tried this ” I want to work/I’m not sure if I want to work” nonsense would be fired the minute it came up. After almost three years of serving as enablers, the Packers have apparently decided to run their business like a business and look at the long term needs of the organization and maximizing their investments, etc. by telling Mr. Favre he’s welcome back as a backup and mentor. The Packers appear to be moving on, and so should Mr. Favre…down the road in five years to Canton.

1 08 2008
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