Unfairly Branded a liar

11 07 2008

Well… I’ve given it enough time to ferment somewhat, and think about the implications of the Brand deal.

I guess from the Clippers’ perspective, and that of their fans, would remain the same, and I think l summed that up appropriately with my initial reaction (Crushed)… but time to have a look at it a little deeper.

I don’t think that Brand’s move was as pre-determined as some would try and persuade – despite him selling his house weeks beforehand. An opportunity presented itself to move East, and after considering the options available to him, he took it.

Bill Plaschke took Elton Brand to task for lying, he didn’t.
Just at the end of the day, Brand’s decision had more to do with family than dollars. Both he and his wife are from the Eastern seaboard, and they are about to have their first child. Proximity to family is… should be totally understandable.

I’m betting that it’s also a consideration of overall situation. There are those that have been trying to tell me that the roster at LAC is better than the roster that the 76ers will boast (if you had Brand on each). That’s a complete joke. The Philadelphia 76ers roster, replete with talent, will include Elton Brand, Sam Dalembert, Andre Miller, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young.
Ok… the Clip-equivalent would’ve been Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, Baron Davis, Al Thornton, and… ummm… Smush Parker (ok, kidding on the Parker bit… but he is on their roster! And that’s an indictment of itself). When you factor in that Philadelphia is in the East, compared to the LAC’s West, then it’s a no-brainer. Even with Brand, LAC would be at best looking at a 8-6 finish… and that’s assuming Davis can stay healthy, Kaman stay focused (post his Olympic excursion), and Thornton improve.
Philly? The Sixers can look forward to being in the top half of the playoff experience should everything go to plan. This rotation puts them up around the level of the Pistons… in my opinion, better than the one-man-show Cavaliers.

So, for a million less, but going to a better situation, and a situation that’s closer to your family… Brand should stay in LA out of some sense of duty? To a franchise that has put mediocre talent around him? How many of us would do the same?
Not a single one. Except for those that will lie about it.

Plaschke has the temerity to say that Brand lied? That in some way this was duplicitous?

I can understand why the fans of the Clippers are angry and upset, and that might lead to some unfair accusations being flung about… but Plaschke should know better.
It’s more just to be angry at Chris Kaman, who’s taken on a pivotal role in the German Olympic team, on the grounds that his great-grandparents were German.
Ummm… what?
TANGENT: how the hell does your ancestry give you the right to play for a country other than that of your birth, than that of your parents’ birth? That, is ridiculous. When I first read that, I guessed that at the very LEAST, Kaman or one of his parents were born in Germany… but his great grand-parents??? Ridiculous… maybe he comes back insisting that he is called ‘Kris’.

Plaschke needs to chill a bit, and remember his own roots – he’s become a little too invested in LA… And it’s not as if he’s an LA native, it’s not like he grew up there. Last time I checked, Louisville wasn’t a suburb of Los Angeles.

It’s ok to be upset over Brand’s departure… even upset with Brand himself – to be expected. But to make the spurious comments about Brand that are absolutely without grounds and merely based on speculation that Plaschke does, why hell… just another example of mainstream media telling lies and writing without a clue as to the repercussions. And not caring about it either.




2 responses

11 07 2008

Why should anyone feel sorry for the Clippers.

They got what they deserved for tampering with Baron Davis and Elton Brand and trying to scheme a way to get both on the same team.


11 07 2008

Hey Kyle,

I have no idea. I don’t.
Plaschke just needs a reality check – welcome to the big leagues Bill…

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