All Time Team: The Mavs

12 07 2008

I got a great email from Rob Mahoney of the NBA blog, Upside and Motor.  Rob had been enjoying the other ‘All-Time teams’, and wanted to put in one for…

The All-Time Dallas Mavericks
(take it away Rob!)
PG: Steve Nash – Believe it or not, this was one of the most difficult decisions on the list.  Nash should definitely be included on the team somewhere, but this position is pretty close between Harper and Nash.  Harper is the better defender and served a longer tenure, but Nash’s complete domination in terms of efficiency is what sealed him the starting spot.

SG: Rolando Blackman – Confidence, baby, confidence!  Ro’s a no-brainer for the starting 2 guard.  His name is all over the Mavs record books (his scoring record was only broken this season by Dirk) and he was a four-time all-star with Dallas.  It doesn’t hurt that he spent eleven seasons with the team.  Also amazing is that Ro had so many points without ever being a three point threat (he never averaged a three made per game in a season, and his career high in attempts was 2.3 per game)

SF: Mark Aguirre – In a lot of ways, Aguirre was the best post scorer the Mavs ever had.  He was prolific from midrange and around the bucket, and provided a pretty awesome 1-2 punch with Blackman for the better part of a decade.  And, if it was interesting that Ro was able to score without shooting threes, then it’s especially interesting that both he and Aguirre were able to be so effective without stretching out the defense.

PF: Dirk Nowitzki – Do I really need to explain?  He’s the franchise’s leading scorer, led the first Mavs team ever to the finals, is the first Maverick MVP (as well as the first European), and has completely changed the game in terms of how we view European prospects and big men.

C: Roy Tarpley – He spent six seasons with the Mavs (his entire NBA career), and posted an impressive 12.6 points and 10 boards to go a long with a steal and a block per game.  He won the 6th man award and was very efficient throughout his tenure in Dallas.  Probably the most unspectacular of the starters and although Perkins and Donaldson may be trendier choices here, Tarpley is the man.

G – Derek Harper – A must for this list, Harper was a good defender at the point, could score, and is the Mavs all-time assists leader.  Unfortunately, his announcing wishes it could be called a ‘pedestrian effort.’

G – Jason Kidd
– Undeniably talented, Kidd would be in the fray for the starting spot if he hadn’t been a discontent and if he had spent some of his prime in Dallas.  His current stint might hurt his standing if the Mavs can’t put something together this season.

G – Brad Davis
– Davis wasn’t spectacular, but he was rock steady in over 10 seasons with the Mavs.  He leads the team in moustache.

G-F – Michael Finley
– overlooked among Dirk and Nash, Finley spent some of the prime in his career in Dallas, a decision that he never complained about (despite some miserable seasons for the Mavs).  Finley was an integral part of the Mavs resurrection.  His repayment?  Getting booed by fans in Dallas when he returned as a Spur and getting punched in the nads by Jason Terry.  The world is a cruel, cruel place.

G-F – Josh Howard – Make your weed jokes, but Josh has improved every year that he’s been a Maverick (despite what you may think about 2007-2008).  He can score, he can play D…if only he could improve his ball-handling…

F – Jamal Mashburn – Mashburn was the best scorer among the Triple J’s (Jamal, Jimmy Jackson, and Jason Kidd!), and would’ve had a stellar career if he didn’t have to fight off numerous recurring injuries.  Monster Mash was great in the post and on the break…I really miss watching him play.

F-C – Sam Perkins
– So what if the Mavs chose Perkins over Barkley (and Stockton, for that matter).  Perkins is mostly on this list out of a need for a big, and frankly I think he’s better than James Donaldson.




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12 07 2008

What no Shawn Bradley? 😉

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