Greatest Ever

13 07 2008

Just because, a tribute to the greatest ever.

You decide.

Whoever you decide, no-one loses.




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14 07 2008
Brandon Hoffman

No question, MJ.

Defensive Player of the Year, MVP, Scoring champion, 6 rings, 72-10, he did it all.

14 07 2008


14 07 2008

MJ was one of the greatest players to play the game no question. But you can’t say he was better than Magic, Bird, Bill Russell, Wilt, Kareem because they were all in different eras. You can’t really compare them.

14 07 2008

In my humble opinion, both Magic and Wilt were better than MJ…
Magic – I’m a Lakers fan, I’m probably biased there. But I think that Magic made his team-mates better than Jordan did, and was more versatile.

Only player in the game to average 50+ ppg.
7 scoring titles…
9 FG% titles…
11 rebounding titles…
And even one year one the assists title.
Man… a center, winning the assists title!

118 50+ point games…
Most consecutive games with 40+ points, 14…
Most consecutive games with 30+ points: 65…
Most consecutive games with 20+ points: 126…
Highest rookie scoring average: 37.6 ppg…
Highest field goal percentage in a season: .727…

14 07 2008

I grew up in the Michael Jordan era so I don’t have enough “games watched” with the other two to fairly comment, and the truth is I hated MJ, but i must say that I have never seen a player since who can take over a game almost by himself like MJ could. Especially in the clutch. I was always cheering against him, but you always knew that he was gonna hit the big shot at the end, like every time. Kobe wants to be that, but not yet…

15 07 2008

I’m of the view that none of these is the greatest ever, that title in my view belongs to Bill Russell.

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