Blogsifting: Bring out your dead

17 07 2008

Sheesh… really starting to heat up here.  Bring on some days at the beach!

But, as I can’t get there for now, I’ll tell you what you should be reading around the traps:

  1. I agree with Kelly Dwyer over at BDL that the rumored Ron-for-Lamar deal is a bad idea for LA.
  2. Awful Announcing has a look at what’s inside the ESPY’s gift bags
  3. Will Brinson explores the situation surrounding NBA referee Scott Foster
  4. Rebirth of Josh Hamilton? Deadspin…
  5. Heh… Interesting times on Chilean Subways via The Angry T…
  6. They’re tearing down the Spectrum… Epic.
  7. Scuba diving!  If you haven’t tried it, you should.  Or, at least look at these pictures from the Bahamas – via One Diver’s Perspective.

That’s all for now… enjoy.




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