Ronny… You’ll be missed

19 07 2008

Good luck in Golden State, big fella.




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20 07 2008

Yeah, Lakers fan wll miss him. He brought a lot of energy on the court for L.A. And he was very good friend with Jordan Farmar, Kobe and Walton. I wish him good luck in Golden State!

20 07 2008

Originally posted by crzyafrican:
I can’t believe many websites I’ve been to have claimed that Turiaf is overpaid. Since when is $4.25M per year to a backup big man overpaying? Turiaf signed a similar contract to the one Reggie Evans signed a few years ago, when the Warriors were pursuing him. Except that Evans signed for more years and more money, and he is a one-dimensional rebounder.

Ronny Turiaf was the only player on the Lakers I liked, so I’m glad we signed him.

I’ve loved Turiaf since the hyphy video on youtube and I really enjoyed watching him pwn Murphy and Dunleavy

22 07 2008

They don’t match an offer for Turiaf go but they try to keep Vujacic?????????

Off the court, he’s a great guy. On the court, he is tough and physical.

Yet Sasha Vujacic stands around while Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are hitting threes. Sasha has failed to learn the objective of defense: To stop your man from scoring.

I don’t know how he got into the NBA but the defense, or lack of, that I saw from both Sasha and Vladmir Radmonovic was pathetic. Players like them caused the Lakers to lose the finals.

What the Lakers should’ve done is kept Turiaf, let Sasha go, and traded Radmanovic.

22 07 2008

things are getting interesting for the golden state warriors..

26 07 2008

Pretty good listen. This guy will be a fan favorite for sure.

[audio src="" /]

Heres a guy, who just embodies how a athlete and a human should be, respectful, smart, honest, open and just fun………….guy sounds like such a dude, and I just love the “we” stuff straight away, and the way he talks about helping in any way he can

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