All hail the Robbabies!

26 07 2008

Robbie Deans takes the Wallabies to a 39-19 thrashing of the All Blacks!

More on this phenomenal victory tomorrow…




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27 07 2008
kip johnson

The Morning After – ELVs

must say that the game yesterday has had quite a profound effect on me.

Disregarding the OZ/NZ rivalries and banter the game itself was diffrent – significantly so.

OK the ABs made a phenominal number of handling errors and the Wallabies wanted to open out the game at every opportunity but the flow of the game was different.

At times it seemed that elements of Aussie Rules and Gaelic Football had penetrated the Union game.

I have never seen such a free flowing, un-structured, error ridden game. The match was frenetic and pulsating throughout.

If this is what the new laws are going to bring to rugby generally but specifically at international level,the future will be very interesting.

Of course I follow England and on the face of it yesterday’s game was an anatheama to their traditional style.

In a nutshell the 6 Nations will be transformed. I actually believe that England will flourish under these laws.

A new hybrid will develop from the changes but the game has now fundamentally changed.


28 07 2008

didn’t someone post something all those months ago when Robbie was appointed coach? Whoever that was is looking like a genius right about now…..

2 08 2008

nothing about the springboks win at carisbrook? i’m hurt…

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