Yao or Bynum?

31 07 2008

Interesting discussion going on over at Khandor’s Sports Blog:- who do you choose, Yao Ming or Andrew Bynum?  Or rather… who do you think Phil Jackson would choose?  Head over to Khandor’s Sports Blog and join in the discussion

Here’s what I had to say:

It’s inane to say that it’s a short-term choice.  If you’re playing fantasy basketball, sure.  But that’s not what the discussion is.  This is “who would Phil Jackson choose to play at the Lakers”… and the answer to that question is the guy he already has: Andrew Bynum.

Yao’s got foot issues, and on big men, that’s hell.  Add to this that he’s going to play in the Olympics (of course, he has to), and it adds up to being very unlikely that Yao plays the entire upcoming season.  The last 3 years have been problematic for Yao… and honestly, I don’t see that changing.  Yes, Bynum’s coming off knee surgery, but all indications are (thus far) that he’ll be fine.  The Lakers have been very, very conservative on that, and rightly so.  Yao doesn’t have that luxury with the Chinese National Team.  I get the feeling that his leg could be nigh on ripped off, and they’d expect him to play.

Age and state of their game are important too.  Everything perfect, then Yao’s better than Bynum.  Clearly so.  But Yao’s game’s at it’s zenith… Bynum’s just starting to show who he’ll be.  And the potential (yes, at this point that’s what it is) could be pretty damn good.  Sure, Yao’s only 27, but there are a helluva lot of miles on that 27.  Having the weight of the world’s biggest nation on your shoulders is huge.  And whilst the expectation isn’t going to physically effect him, the games Yao has to play because of that expectation will.  He’s coming off a season plagued with injury and surgery, yet there was never a question as to whether he’d play in the Olympics.

The actual team situation is important too: which of the players would best benefit having Phi-Jax as coach, and having Kareem Abdul Jabbar as a personal centers coach (on that, would LA even use Jabbar in that role if Yao were there?) – clearly, again, that’s a situation that will benefit Bynum over Yao.  Bynum’s a clean slate, and we’re only now beginning to see the clay being molded.

Head over to Khandor’s Sports Blog and join in the discussion




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31 07 2008
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