Fah-ver… Farve… Fa… Oh whatever

1 08 2008

It’s August 1st here, almost 2 weeks since I discussed Brett Favre’s rumoured return to the NFL, post Brett telling us all “it’s just a rumour”.  Thankfully, I didn’t buy into that.  Or… well, whatever.  Every day since that point the Favre situation’s been the headline on sports.

The drama continues, with Brett Favre sending his reinstatement paperwork to the NFL offers via fax.  Now we wait, does he turn up to the Packers’ training camp?  To do that would be hell for Green Bay.  They’ve moved on – he knows it.  For him to turn up would be chum in the water for the media eagerly awaiting.  A feeding frenzy would ensue.  I’m hopeful that Favre has more class than that.

Apparently Favre’s agent has been in discussion with the New York Jets, and additionally the Pack have offered him a 10 year licensing deal which would amount to $20 million, and him staying retired.  Pretty good money to not come to work.  Still… apparently Brett’s still got the itch to play.  Pity he couldn’t have scratched that without putting us through the oh-so-uncomfortable tear-jerker on March 4th.
So… where to from here?

I think at the end of the day, he still plays. It won’t be in Green Bay, and that’s a pity. Terrible way for him to go out. But Favre wants to play, and the Packers are at odds with that. Entirely their prerogative – every year they’ve been put through the “will-he-won’t-he” saga, and they thought it was finally done. Not so. Whatever, Aaron Rogers will be suiting up for that game when the Minnesota Vikings come to town.
Green Bay just pray that Favre isn’t in Purple for the same game.
Not that the Packers would dream of dealing ol’ #4 to Minnesota, but there’s always a chance that a quick deal might be arranged between teams… the Vikings would dearly love to see their old nemesis donning the horns.
And if they deal him elsewhere, that’s something that they have to protect themselves against… put some provisos into the deal that make it impossible for whoever that trade partner. Wouldn’t be too hard to do.
But to confuse you even more: the Vikings are Favre’s destination of choice. And the closer it gets to Favre attending training camp, the closer the spectre of Roger Goodell looms.
Favre attending training camp will strain an already vitriolic relationship – and that’s something Goodell can’t really allow.
Time will tell, and time’s running out.

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