AFL Tipping…

4 08 2008

Normally I don’t speak about my tipping prowess, or lack thereof.  But I’m getting a bit of pressure from an old, old mate of mine back in Oz (hey Shane!).

I participate in a tipping competition with my old State League volleyball club – Mornington VC.  Currently leading it, but that’s no big deal – I am doing pretty well across the NAB Tipping site tho’ – currently I am ranked 748 out of 163,851 (look for Errr… Don) – with a score of 106.  Puts me in the top .5%.

Now, that said and done… anyone got any ideas for round 19?




2 responses

6 08 2008

Get on the BOMBERS!

6 08 2008

What… and ruin my record?

But honestly: they’re a chance to win at Subiaco against the Weevils this week, I think they lose to the Crows at the Dome the week after, they will be dogfood in the 21st round, and in the last round, it will all depend on how important the game is for the Saints… I like the Sainters to win that one.
Tough times ahead for the Bombers.

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