US Olympic Basketball – a blogger round table…

4 08 2008

The astute Rob from Upside and Motor have a Team USA Blogger Roundtable up.  Several bloggers got involved from a variety of destinations – it’s an excellent piece, fantastic reading – I was lucky enough to be asked to participate.

Examples of some of the gems you’ll read…

I don’t understand why Kobe Bryant’s presence is not a much bigger story. He’s younger and better on both ends of the court. Still LeBron James is going to have an absolutely huge showing in Beijing.  – Jim, Green Bandwagon

Obviously Kobe Bryant is lockdown, particularly in international play, but I think there are holes defensively at the 1 and 3. – Graydon Gordian, 48 Minutes of Hell, Hardwood Paroxysm

this is a perfect opportunity for LeBron to put his name back into the ‘best-in-the-game’ discussions. And with the lead into his 2010 free agency, what better opportunity to raise his hand… – Me!

Head over to the excellent Upside & Motor and get the full piece!




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4 08 2008

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