Hey, remember baseball season?

12 08 2008
Petco Park Empty
Baseball doesn’t draw crowds like it used to.

August is the low point for all of sports, worse even than February, where each day is nearly as bad as that one day after the All Star Games in terms of absolute paucity of sports. But it’s also the low point for the only major American sport still going strong: major league baseball. On one level, that seems like crazy talk. Baseball has a monopoly on the sports market this time of year, why would it be a low point? You fool! Haven’t you witnessed enough Terrell Owens contract disputes, ESPYs coverage, and Brett Favre trade talks to learn your lesson?

By, August the thrill of a new baseball season is long gone, but before the chase for the postseason really begins. It’s like the sophomore year of the baseball season, absolutely purposeless. This is the time of year when we are so parched for sports, we turn to watching 12-year-olds play baseball just because it’s something different. It’s also when the sports media and fans alike get desperate for the onslaught of sports to come in the upcoming months.

NFL training camp, crap preseason NFL games, the MLS, the PGA Championship, and Little Leaguers is no substitute for real sports. MLB still has the strongest level of competition going for it. But with the trade deadline past, there’s nothing but a record being chased to keep us going. And it can’t be your standard 500 HR, 3,000 hit plateau either. It’s either 300 wins, being #1 all time in a category or bust.

But this year is the rare occurrence when the August sports lull is alleviated by a massive sportstumor known as the Olympics. Or as sports fans better know them: sports for non-sports fans. With all the talks of the “stories” going into the games, you’d think it’s like a soap opera or a fan fiction convention rather than an example of athletic abilities. Compare flailing over a Pommel Horse to Josh Hamilton hitting a ball 500 feet, and try to tell me the former is more impressive?

But we still harp on Little Leaguers who can hit a ball 250 feet, or can throw a ball 65 mph. We follow the Brett Favre saga till no one wants to hear it because what else will we follow, just like with Roger Clemens in February . Seriously, Clemens should send Brett a dozen roses. Not only is he not in the news, but there’s a more prominent and significantly crappier athlete named Clemens getting more press.

Of course, once November comes, we’ll be desperate and longing for baseball, even with the NFL season in full gear. Why can’t we just appreciate baseball when we have more of it than we know what to do with?




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