Former Yankee arrested post restaurant mayhem!

20 08 2008

BREAKING NEWS – Earlier this morning, former Yankees pitcher, Hideki Irabu (yes, he of the “Fat Toad” claim to fame) was arrested in Osaka for being drunk and disorderly.

At a restaurant with a friend, Irabu tried to pay for the evening’s frivolities with a credit card.  To any who have lived in Japan, not all credit cards are welcome in every restaurant.  Irabu’s initial card was rejected by the manager of the restaurant, which pleased Mr Toad not at all.  Irabu grabbed the offending manager, by the hair and pushed him into the wall, and violence ensued.

The 39 year old former major leaguer, who now lives with his mother, was arrested at approximately 3:30am.  Irabu retired from pro-baseball in 2005 (he played with the Hanshin Tigers), then he ran an Udon restaurant… which was shut down around 6 months ago.

Oh yes, Irabu ended up paying his tab with a different credit card.




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20 08 2008
He Better Have Ordered the Frog Legs « The Slanch Report

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20 08 2008
Cord Covers

I tried to subscribe to your feed but it didn’t show up on my homepage at Is it working correctly?

20 08 2008

Feed’s fine. Is your link working properly?

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