More Russian sumo face drug accusations

2 09 2008

Breaking news!  Two more Russian sumo wrestlers have tested positive for marijuana usage.  Roho and Hakurozan, two Russian brothers, have appealed after having urine tests return positive for marijuana use.  If the tests are found to be accurate, the two will face expulsion from professional sumo in Japan… something that Wakanoho found out last month.

As mentioned last month when reporting on Wakanoho, although it may seem to many foreigners as an amazing exaggeration of what’s a decriminalized drug in most western nations, in Japan there’s no delineation between ‘hard’ and ’soft’ drugs.

If found to be accurate tests, besides getting the boot from sumo, Roho (a komusubi) and Hakurozan (a maegashira) could face criminal prosecution, which given their status could possibly mean getting expelled from Japan.

This is yet another hit to sumo, which has to be reeling from the constant trouble the sport’s members attract.




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