Golden State Warriors – shaved

3 09 2008

Changed the format a lil’ – it makes more sense to talk about the rosters that have gotten worse today, and talk about the moves towards clearing space for Free Agency in 2010 tomorrow.  So… switched ’em.  Today: 2 teams that find themselves worse off.

Big time free agency always has the crowd’s attention.  But rarely do we look in depth at the teams those free agents depart, and what’s the effect of their departure.  Today, we will.

The Golden State Warriors hurt in many different ways with the departure of Baron Davis for the Clippers.
On the court, Davis was the team leader, and of recent times the best performed of the Dubs players.  Davis was the guy that on any given night could be the man.  The guy the opposition couldn’t touch.
Off the court, “The Beard” was the face of the franchise.  Without a doubt the guy that you saw in your mind’s eye when someone said “Golden State Warriors”.
The crowd favourite.
Boom Dizzle.
Post the June 30th opt out from Davis, the Warriors chased their tails, offering a big contract to Arenas, amongst others.  Thankfully for Golden State, Arenas chose to stay with Washington (more on that later).

And then Matt Barnes.
Whilst not one of the key players on the GSW’s roster, Barnes had a certain rapport that he’d built up with the fans at the Oracle Arena.  Definitely that guy that the crowd love, the guy who’s most likely to do something to win the heart & soul of the fans at the game.  Headed to division rivals Phoenix?  There’s probably only one destination that could hurt more (nod to LA at this point).
Signing Ronny Turiaf from the Lakers will help a lil’ – but no where near enough to damn the torrent of talent heading out of Oakland.

It’s still hard to believe that the Warriors would be without The Beard, but move on – sign Corey Maggette, work the youth, and the opportunity for Monta Ellis to make an impact.
Ellis is one of most dynamic young players in the NBA would finally get a chance to be the centerpiece.  Ellis could lead this … ouch.
Can’t a franchise get a break?  Monta Ellis tears the deltoid ligament in his left ankle, and post surgery will be out 3 months.  The injury occurred during a pick-up game.

And Maggette?
Decent talent, and might fit in with the Golden State mindset… but Maggette’s always been a ‘me-first’ kinda guy.  We’re yet to see how he’ll fit in with “someone else’s team”.  And this team belongs to Ellis.
At least… it will when he gets back.

Cleveland faithful have been waiting.
Waiting for a long time.
Waiting for a team that could compete… then came LeBron.
Then more waiting.
Initially, it was just waiting for the pieces to be put in place around Air Apparent LeBron James that would bring them home an NBA title.
Now, they’re waiting for Danny Ferry to put the pieces around LeBron James that might just persuade him to stay in town in 2010.
For LeBron forms the centerpiece of free agents who become available in 2010. And whilst every Cleveland Blog/fan I know swears differently, every single last one of them is scared of what might happen, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. There are signs there, it’s just if you choose to read them as signs, or coincidence.

So who do the Cavs sign? Mo Williams. Now, Williams is a pretty good point guard. One of the better 2nd/3rd tier guys out there. But it’s not as if signing him puts them over the hump. Yes, some will point to the fact that Cleveland came a lot closer to beating Boston than the LA Lakers did. And this is true. But that had more to do with the way that Boston was playing than anything else.
In the East, Cleveland finished last season with 45 wins. That wouldn’t have even got them into the playoffs in a stronger Western conference.

The Cavaliers’ roster is rife with ‘just misses’ and ‘not quites’. Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden. All good players in their own right, but none coming close to being the 2nd guy that LeBron needs/desires.

One thing’s for sure tho’, 2010 gets closer every day.




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5 09 2008

If the Cavs aren’t able to make a serious in-season trade, Lebron is gone.

5 09 2008

Oklahoma Thunder. Only thing worse than the nickname is the roster.

5 09 2008

Interested to see Oden finally tearing it up. After all the talk of the second coming and all, it will be great to finally see him on the court doing it. Will it lift Portlands W-L? Probaly not…..

7 09 2008
Pete Jones

You’re right on. Couldn’t have said it better myself. -Pete

13 09 2008
matt richkid

Love your site it is very informative am going to research the other posts to see what else I can learn, cheers! and keep up the great work!

13 09 2008

R.E the Matt barnes departure I know many fans admired him for his high energy reckless play but last season (because of his moms death) he never was the same becoming little more then a flagrant fouler and he only shot 29% from 3 point land. Best of luck to him in Phoenix but I don’t think he’ll be greatly missed.

As for Baron well he frequently took nights off against supbar teams, went to film festivals the night before a crucial divisonal game against the Lakers. As a guy he’s too much about the glamour and just doesn’t seem dedicated to playing Basketball which is why I won’t miss him.

Can’t argue about the Maggette signing though just a wasted move paying all that money for a player who’s never played a full season as well as a complete lack of Offense. Rather then save the money and properly tank we’ll probably get a 13-14th Draft pick and win 38 games which is no good in the long run but then Mullin never thinks ahead.

Good article we really are a franchise that seem to be properly jinxed!

14 09 2008
Be A Go Getter

I sorry my english not perfect, but I like very much your blog! Happy! 🙂

18 09 2008
A. Becker

>Oklahoma Thunder. Only thing worse than the nickname is the roster.<

The Miami Heat sounded dumb, too, but we got used to it. Sorta, anyway.

19 09 2008

“The Miami Heat sounded dumb, too, but we got used to it. Sorta, anyway.”

We got used to it, doesnt make it a good name. Same as “Charlotte Bobcats” .

25 09 2008
A. Becker

Bobcats are dumb, too. But I’m biased cause my JR High had the same name.

28 09 2008

I have read so many articles and columns on the 2010 free agency it is almost like a bunch of franchises are just biding their time until then, willing to slash cash as needed to free up as much coin as possible to play “let’s make a deal” with all the talent expected to be entertaining offers. As always, the first guy who signs will start the dominoes falling and it will be fascinating indeed. But we’ve got some basketball to play before then and a lot of things can happen…including off-season or off-court accidents…season’s right around the corner now!

28 09 2008
Pak Tam

I’ve heard some goody things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

29 09 2008
Pak Tam

Nice. Thanks. 🙂 Pak Tam

3 10 2008

Mo Williams is a step in the right direction, but there is much work to be done.

Ilgauskas is still solid now, but he is 33, and has to decline at some point. Right now it appears that the Cavs don’t have anyone ready to take over, and it doesn’t look like they have someone who can develop into a dominant center. Hopefully they can pick up someone in the ’09 draft, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Ferry has to address this issue soon.

There are tons of improvements that could and should be made, but I really can’t be bothered listing them all now. Maybe I’ll write a post on it if/when I start blogging again.

4 10 2008
Matt Golfcovers

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12 10 2008
LA Ball Talk

I can’t wait until the Summer of 2010… it’s going to be really intense… meanwhile, I am more concerned with the Summer of 2009 just to make sure Kobe doesn’t go anywhere.

17 10 2008

Hope the blog gets updated soon

19 10 2008

Yeah me to. Love this blog.

2 11 2008

Interesting stuff…Thanks. Keep it up!

3 11 2008

NBA Season has tipped off and still no Basketball related content 😥

4 11 2008

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5 11 2008

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5 11 2008

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7 11 2008
Jeff Steadman

Yo where ya been? No updates for 2 months and the season has started bro. Come back!

To anyone else in the meantime, you gotta check out this Steve Nash video, its hilarious!

7 11 2008
Cesar B. aka the Mover

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8 11 2008

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can’t believe I just stumbled upon this blog right now.

keep it up DON

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