Still Alive

10 11 2008

Yup, been over 2 months since I’ve posted a single thing… but as the title intimates, I’m still alive.

Work got incredibly busy, and life with a small child is a job unto itself too.  Had to take a step away, and reassess what was important.

Still… NBA season’s back, and find myself with a lil’ time, and a hankering to get my opinion out there.  So… I’ll be back writing soon.  I’ll have to take a slightly different approach to the site, it won’t be a post-every-single-day approach, but basically a when-I-feel-like-it, or when something leaps out at me that demands a post.  A lot of the other writers have disappeared due to my absence, so not sure what is going on with them either.  Still, back, and hoping to get involved in it all again.

Good to be back.




11 responses

11 11 2008

May i be the first to say WELCOME BACK!

11 11 2008

Thanks mark… could be a few changes around here soon – in a good way!
Stay tuned…

11 11 2008

Well no one can hold it against you for living your life nad putting everything in prospective. But its still good to have you back. Hows those Hawks? And how good is Boshie! And LA scary. Stoudamire how awesome and whats Detroit up to with the AI thing? And isnt it ironinc that AI is short for artificial intelligience…

11 11 2008

Good to see you’re back in action Don. Life does inhibit blogging sometimes, doesn’t it?

I see that Achilles Jones is still going strong. I’m now part of the Ripe Mature Cows — I got involved in this whole CR caper after this comments thread:

12 11 2008
Kyle Wilkinson

Good to see you back blogging Don.

12 11 2008

Hey again guys.

In the process of monetizing With Malice. Yes, nasty ads in my sidebars!

Yes Mookie – Achilles Jones is doing pretty well!

12 11 2008

Nice to see you back in print my man…..

Just in the nick of time to start writing about how good the Green Machine looks already this season. Lakers v Celtics v 2.0 anyone???

I still need to collect my winnings from the last series…….

18 11 2008

great to see you back man..
and also you brumbygg9!

18 11 2008

hey, the gang’s all here!

Looking forward to another great NBA season with my Green Machine and the world’s greatest player…..

19 11 2008

Indeed! Good days… wait…
Wow, colour me surprised: Rob looking forward to watching Kobe Bryant playing!

19 11 2008

c’mon Don – you’re only the world’s greatest player if you tell the world that your the world’s greatest player…….

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