NBA Power Rankings – all the way from Japan!

13 11 2008

Back, and time seems ripe to hit you with some NBA rankings…

With Malice’s Pawa-rannkingu

  1. Kobe & 'Ear' JordanLA LakersI feel like Dorothy clicking those heels together and saying “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s…” – just hoping that it’s going to be true, and that this beautiful glittery thing is real.
  2. Boston CelticsYou gotta go through the champ to BE the champ.  They’re not going anywhere, they’re still real.
  3. Atlanta HawksSpeaking of ‘real’, a 1 point loss on a hail mary from Paul Pierce is almost as good as a win.  Atlanta’s the real deal.
  4. Cleveland CavaliersDon’t know how much longer Cleveland can do this.  When LeBron leaves?   Until that point in time, they should re-name the team the Cleveland LeBrons.
  5. Utah JazzAs per pretty much every successful Jazz team, doing it quietly, and getting the job done.  Deron who?
  6. New Orleans HornetsBetter than their record would suggest.  If the vs Lakers game had gone longer, they might’ve won.  But games don’t (go longer). So suck up a lower rating Bee-fans!
  7. Yao 'n' T-MacHouston RocketsAmazing how non-plussed I am about a team that was expected to be one of the top units.  Early days yet I guess.  But we’re still counting down the days until Yao has that season-ending lower leg injury.  Can’t be too much longer.
  8. Detroit PistonsIt’s a toss-up who’s the more astute GM – Kupchak or Dumars.  Kupchak does it Ninja-style, whilst Dumars is openly brilliant.  Dare anyone to say the AI year will be a mistake.
  9. Orlando MagicWith the Man-beast in the line-up, on any given night this team can beat any given team.  Howard is 3 parts Beast, 2 parts Gigantor, and 1 part haggis – all nasty.
  10. Philadelphia 76ersNot quite working out the way it was envisaged, but this team has the tools to get the job done.
  11. Phoenix SunsSlowing down the Suns isn’t purely a function of Terry Porter’s game scheme, it’s a function of AGE.  Shaq still hasn’t had his required 20 games of rest yet.
  12. Toronto RaptorsAnother team that promised much and fails to deliver on an almost-nightly basis.  Jose Calderon leaks TOs like a sieve.
  13. Portland Trail BlazersMan… I’m with Bill Simmons – I hope Greg Oden isn’t Sam Bowie.
  14. Denver NuggetsLooking the goods since the AI-Billups trade.  Enver no more?
  15. Indiana PacersDays without Jermaine are long and tiring in Indiana.  Being a slightly-over-.500 team flatters them.
  16. Memphis GrizzliesBit of a surprise.  Some close games that they could’ve won… other than getting absolutely blown out by the Knicks.  Geez…
  17. New York KnicksStill don’t believe it.  The wheels are *going* to fall off this team.
  18. Tim Duncan playing like he's... Tim DuncanSan Antonio SpursState of disbelief.  Spurs #18 on a power-ranking???  Say it ain’t so Pop!  Will lift when Manu/Mr Longoria get back, but not before.
  19. Dallas MavericksBetter than this ranking, at least I believe.  Still seem to be lacking something.  Spine?
  20. Miami HeatI dunno.  Miami just don’t seem like a .500 team.
  21. Milwaukee BucksThings are looking better than this #21 ranking for Milwaukee.  Andrew Bogut beating Tim Duncan?  Never thought I’d see the day.
  22. Sacramento KingsDays of the Kings being a threat in the playoffs are about as gone as Chris Webber’s sneaker deals.
  23. Chicago BullsWow… I thought stability would have this group performing better.  They certainly have a PG who rose to the occasion, but beyond that, little to cheer.  Ok, they’re young.  Gotta be hurting them how well LaMarcus Aldridge is playing.
  24. Golden State WarriorsGutted at the beginning of the season, should rise a lil’ when Monta returns.  Until then, the Dubs had better get used to lean times.
  25. Charlotte Bobcats Would they be better off if Michael Jordan actually was the majority owner?  Surely Robert L. Johnson’s getting bored of losing…
  26. New Jersey NetsJust basically marking time until 2010… that, and a lot of prayer.
  27. Minnesota TimberwolvesSheesh… only the existence of the Clips/Thunder make life more bearable for Wolf-fans.the look on Maggette's face says it all...
  28. Washington WizardsTalk about gutted.
  29. Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder on the horizon?  A very, very distant horizon.
  30. LA ClippersThis team – absolutely gutted by the loss of Elton Brand – tried hard to salvage pre-season moves.  To no avail.  The gulf between 1 and 20 exists at the Staples Center.  The Clippers are the worst team in basketball.



11 responses

13 11 2008

If your talking currently, then of course the Lakers and the Celtics are 1,2. After that its all a matter of opinion.
3 Lebron. Look at what Superman has to carry……
4 Hornets. Basically the same as the Jazz, but with better parts.
5 Raptors. How can you not like Bosh/O’neal
6 Hawks. Most athletic team in the league
7 Jazz. Hornets with less parts, craftier coach.
8 Knicks. The new Suns, only with a better scorer.
9 Magic. The Juggernaut is unstoppable.
10 Rockets. It might be a little early for….Houston we have a problem.

The bottom 5.
26 Mavericks. No Josh, No Chance. Bring back Avery?
27 Nets. Plenty of time for Lawerence Franks to right the ship.
28 Spurm. Too many injuries for the oldest? team.
29 Clippers. How many years are they going to be bottom feeders.
30 Wizards. Eddie Jordon, 1st coach to be fired? Should’ve been fired years ago.

14 11 2008

Bogut hit the game winner against the spurs in his rookie season I believe

14 11 2008

don’t believe in beautiful, glittery things – they will mislead you and blind you to The Truth……..

14 11 2008

I’m sure Paul Pierce would be happy to tell you that himself…

@ Soph – Cleveland have the better player, but Atlanta are the better team.
– I like Bosh/O’Neal, just it’s a case of “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately”. With them, nothing.
– Your dislike for the Spurs is palpable.
– And you’re being tough on Dallas. Not as tough as their coach needs to be, but tough none-the-less.

14 11 2008

I am still congratulating myself on my oh-so-witty-wordplay…..

14 11 2008

Thank you for the opportunity of bringing up how self-congratulatory Paul Pierce is.

14 11 2008

C’mon, you’re going to lay that on The Truth when you have Kobe on your team??? I’m not syaing he isn’t or can’t be, just thinking that guys in glass houses and all that…..

14 11 2008

Did you miss the article Rob? The one where Paul Pierce declared his greatness to one and all… ? Bit of a running joke now.

Within it, he names himself as one of his own 5 favourite players, and the best player in the world.

14 11 2008

ok, hadn’t seen this…. and that’s why players shouldn’t do crack before they do interviews…..

14 11 2008

That made me laugh.

Indeed… I referenced that here.

14 11 2008

I put the Hornets at number 2 at the moment. But I dont base that any anything other than the fact that i think that the Lakers are 1st and the Hornets are almost as good. And im a Boston fan. I think the Hawks will come crashing down eventually and Clevelands one man show schtick is whereing thin. Utah? Not convinced yet.

On the Cleveland one man show, and i know im late on this, the Kings dunk the other night. One of the best things ive seen done on a basketball court for a while but also some extreme show boating form a man whos skills far out way his maturity levels. Theyll love that $hit in Detroit….

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