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18 11 2008

“The concept: Every two weeks during the regular season, bloggers are polled on their top ten MVP and top five ROY picks to date. Voters are encouraged to provide brief comments.” – Alex, Brewhoop

I’ve never been one to “provide brief comments”.  Mine tend to be quite long.  Generally.  But anyway, he’s what I thought (to Nov 15):

Always tough to do an early call on MVP/RoY rankings, but having a shot anyway.


LeBron stomping them like a biker on narc1. LeBron JamesHas been a beast thus far offensively, and doing a damn good Atlas impersonation.  Rumor is that in an effort to retain his services post 2010, Cleveland’s front office has offered to rename the team the Cleveland LeBrons.  I think they should call themselves ‘Samsonite’.
2. Dwight Howard if you do not know why this man is up near the top of the rankings, you don’t follow basketball.
3. Kobe Bryant leading the team that’s playing the best basketball in the NBA at the moment, and he is clearly leading the team.
4. Chris PaulContinued comparisons to Oscar.  No, not “the Grouch”.
5. Jose Calderon belief in this point man could really pay the Rap-pack dividends this season.
6. Joe Johnson leading the Hawks to up near the top of the East.  Guy’s for real.
7. Paul Pierce I hate that I just typed that.
8. Brandon Roy gotta give him a mention if not for anything else other than the 30 foot shot against the Pistons.
9. Rudy Gay
10. Andris Biedrins


1. Derrick Roseposting anything beyond Rose at this point in time is futile.

You should now head over and have a look at the amassed rankings over at Hoops Addict with round 1 of this – Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings – Version 1.0.




8 responses

18 11 2008

im a big boshie fan. Hes putting up 25 points 10 rebounds or something a game at the moment and hes more important to the Raptors than Calderon. But neither of them should probaly be in the top 10.

19 11 2008

Mali, you really love Biedrins. Don’tcha? He’s not even the MVP on that team. They are nothing without Stephen Jackson, as much as I dislike him. He’s still far and a way the best player on that team.
Up until, last nights phewtrid game. I’d have put Jamal Crawford, in his place.
How can you not have Wade, up there? He should be 5.

19 11 2008

7. Paul Pierce – I hate that I just typed that. – LOL!

seeing jose calderon, rudy gay and andris biedrins was surprising, but then again, these players are really good. but maybe not worthy of MVP mention, well at least not yet. and i agree with soph, where’s dywane wade?

19 11 2008

Sheesh! Cut me some slack! Choosing 10 MVP was difficult after 7 or so games!

Anyway, as mentioned above, this was compiled Nov 15. Stuff’s changed a lil’ since then. Jackson’s games of 8 and 10 assists have bumped his total up a bit – when I looked at the players, I like Biedrins ahead of him. Now, not so much.
Don’t particularly like Miami, their wins have been over nothing spectacular. Give it time, if Wade continues like this against good opposition, fine.
Calderon & Gay – both have been playing well up to this point – very, very hard to choose 10 worthy after 7 games!

19 11 2008

@ wm
haha.. yes i get your point.. i also like biedrins and gay (both my players in fantasy league). i was just surprised to see them up in the top 10 mvp rankings.. lol!

19 11 2008

Chris Bosh is having a career year,Chris Paul is a little bit overrated he’s not a cluch player i think he’s a poor mans John Stockton,Jose Calderon is so underrated it’s not funny he and Tony Parker are the 2 best pg’s in the league,Calderon has elevated his game to a whole new level.

19 11 2008

Matt, please tell me you don’t actually believe that Calderon and Parker at the 2 best point guards in the association? I think I just threw up a lil in my mouth. Calderon is good, but not top 5 material yet. Parker has never really been a point guard, he’s an Allen Iverson. A slasher with a me 1st mentality.

20 11 2008

@ soph
i agree with you. parker is just listed as a point guard, but he’s really not. i kinda don’t see the mental attitude of a floor leader in him. he’s a very reliable scorer, but not much of a point guard.

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