No love for NJ in LA

26 11 2008

November 25th – New Jersey Nets (6-6) at LA Lakers (11-1)

The Nets of New Jersey.
The NBA’s blandest franchise? Have to come close. Cleveland were bland, until they got to play luggage to LeBron (and you can probably count on two fingers how much longer that will go on). Milwaukee? No, they have good beer. Nope, it’s NJ.

Cap'n Jack and some bum...Who does this team belong to? Devon Harris? Or Vince Carter?
Hard to say, but they bring their team into a pretty tough version today against the 11-1 Lakers.
Not that the venue itself is particularly daunting… well, ok – the lighting’s awesome (at least, it is for Lakers’ games), but the crowd itself are pussy cats. ‘Cept for Cap’n Jack – but he’s so over the top he’s almost like a caricature at any rate.
No, it’s not the venue, but who resides there that make this a tough trip.
The Lakers have opened this season on a mission. There’s a surprise. And they are playing the best defense I’ve seen a Laker team play in many, many years.
That’s not to say they can’t lose. Sooner or later, they’re going to – I have Christmas Day penciled in as a big game… ok, probably before that – but just LOOK at their schedule! Post this game, 2 days rest, then Dallas, 2 days rest, then Toronto. Then look at December: first 3 weeks they barely see a team with a better-than-.500 record!
One’d almost think David Stern loves LA or something.
Oh, wait a sec…

Anyway… Yes, LA will lose – and probably soon, but it won’t be today.  LA by 14 here.




8 responses

26 11 2008

I’m pretty sure going to a Fakers v Nets game wasn’t on anyone’s bucket list…..

26 11 2008

No but it doesnt make me want to die….

26 11 2008

You would think an NBA team part owned by a rapper would be alot cooler…

26 11 2008

One would think…

Kobe: wait up Pau! I have something stuck to the bottom of my shoe!
Pau: Ugh, that is some ugly mierda there Kobe!
Kobe: Aaaaw, I think it’s the Nets!

26 11 2008

highbrow stuff today folks!

26 11 2008

At With Malice, that’s a given Rob.

26 11 2008

When your taking the Nets, you can rule serious conversation out…

26 11 2008

ouch.. Nets fan here..
but what the heck.. you guys have a point.. it sucks to be a nets fan, especially now.. haha!

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