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1 12 2008

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NBA Murmurings With Malice

22 04 2008

‘Twas inevitable I guess… Manu won the 6th Man Award. This, despite the fact that he averaged 31.06 minutes a game (top 3 for San Antonio)… and scored 19.5 points per game (top on the Spurs). I’d argue that either/both of these should make Ginobli ineligible as a 6th Man, despite him starting off the bench.
How can you average in the top few in your team in minutes played/points scored, and be thought of as the 6th man on your team?
Truth be told, after Tim Duncan, Manu’s name is the first one coach Popovich thinks of when working his roster.
Hell, post many games this season, Manu Ginobli might be at the forefront of Pop’s mind. Truth be told, Leandro Barbosa is far more deserving candidate than Ginobli.

It would come down to a coin-toss as to who is more deserving of San Antonio’s MVP Award this year: Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobli. How can you award a guy the 6th Man Award when he might just be the best player on the team? He’s obviously not the 6th man on their team… whether Pop does it for effect/strategy or whatever, it should have no impact over whether he gets an award for coming off the bench and playing starter minutes.

Anyway… other thoughts:

  • Finally, bye-bye Isiah. As a sign I saw said: “End of an error”
  • Could probably wave bye-bye to the Houston Rockets for this season too… as they lost today (at home) vs Utah, 91-84. Very unlikely they go into the house of the Jazz ‘n’ beat ’em. Utah only lost 4 times at home this season, so a team that struggled to compete on their own court isn’t going to do it to the Jazz in Salt Lake City. Get out your brooms.
  • Scott Skiles signed a 4 year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks. It’s not going to take too much a stretch of the imagination for them to be a better team than the Chicago Bulls. Hell, wasn’t much between the two this season.
  • In an interview, Kobe Bryant says he wants to remain a Laker – perhaps for his entire career. Given the Lakers finished top in the West, and that was sans Bynum… any surprises here? Certainly going to be a strong roster next season… in the interview he sings the praises of Mitch Kupchak, the team, Pau Gasol… and the city of LA.
  • So much for promises… or my tips! Washington failed to take one of the first two games in their series against Cleveland, losing today getting absolutely WHOOPED today, 116-86. Going to have to do a lot more than that – even on their homecourt – to do anything in this series.


  1. Dallas at New Orleans – can the Mavs steal one?
  2. Toronto at Orlando – do the Raps have an answer for the big guy in the middle?
  3. Phoenix at San Antonio – I dunno… I think the Suns have to be pretty happy about Game 1… they damn near outplayed the Spurs in their own house.