Top Sports Stories in Japan… (Sept 20)

20 09 2007

Delectable Ai-chanBit of a hot spell here at the moment…



Today’s top sports stories in Japan:


Top Sports Stories in Japan… (Sept 7)

7 09 2007

Yup… windy today.Typhoon came & went… kinda sunny now.

Anyway, one day until the Rugby World Cup begins!

Today’s top sports stories in Japan:

FIBA Asia – Japan loses!!!

1 08 2007

Absolute HAWTNESS cheerleaders…Fairly huge news in Asian basketball, Kazakhstan has downed the hosts Japan. Japan were (still are?) one of the favourites for the tournament, in which Olympic berths are the prize. With a 93-85 scoreline, the game could’ve gone either way… but Anton Ponomarev, Rustam Yargaliyew and Yevgeniy Issakov were all up to the task of keeping Nippon at bay.

In other games on Day 4 (worth noting, none of the absolute thrashings we’ve seen on other days):

  • Philippines defeated Syria in a high-scoring affair 107-100
  • China beat Hong Kong 93-69
  • Kuwait just got past India 72-68
  • UAE fell just short of beating Indonesia, losing 81-83
  • Iran beat Chinese Taipei 76-64
  • South Korea beat Jordan 70-65
  • Lebanon defeated Qatar 90-68

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AFC Asian Cup – A Retrospective (what a goddamn mess)

1 08 2007

Stuff needs fixin’…Ok… deep breaths…

Despite the glory of the winning team being Iraq, a fairytale storyline that could not have been scripted better… the AFC Asian Cup 07 was pretty much a shambles. Hosting it across 4 different countries may have lessened the load organizationally, but it created a logistic nightmare.

Now, no single country holds the blame, and there was some excellent football played throughout the 07 Event, but serious problems existed during it.

First of all, the heat. If you’re going to hold the games in the midst of Summer, then for the love of God, hold them at night. Is it any wonder many of the tournament’s top teams didn’t always live up to expectations? Teams traveling for literally half a day to get to destinations to play the next day, or even that night. Buses not showing up on time, charter flights & hotel reservations messed up. A twenty-five minute power outage in the middle of one game. In Bangkok, selecting a stadium on the outskirts rather than the National stadium in the middle of the city cost dearly, with games not any where nearly as well attended as they should have been.

The Japanese team suffered quite a bit, the organizers messing up their charter flight just prior to the third-place game versus South Korea – it wasn’t until the Japanese officials took matters into their own hands & chartered their own jet that they could travel to the remote Indonesian island of Palembang for the game. Upon arrival, not enough rooms were booked at accommodation, and players & officials had to share rooms (the official’s room apparently resembled a cheap backpacker’s dorm – there were so many bodies!). It’s highly probable that other nations have similar horror stories. Read the rest of this entry »

FIBA Asia – Jordan comeback!

30 07 2007

Hawtness at FIBA AsiaJust loved giving this a ‘Jordan’ headline… but we’re talking about the country, not his Airness. Anyway, Day 3 of the FIBA Asia Championships was full of the same few tight games, and the regular beatdowns as the heavyweights of the region played some minnows.

Jordan did comeback tho’… to beat the Philippines. In a tight contest, Jordan outscored the Philippines in the end, staying calm when early on it looked like the Philippines would run all over them. End result was a good win, with Jordan prevailing 84-76.

In other games on Day 3.

  • Lebanon thrashed UAE 106-64
  • India beat Indonesia 72-66
  • Chinese Taipei defeated Hong Kong 98-81
  • South Korea beat Syria 89-79
  • Qatar just beat Kazakhstan 76-69
  • Iran beat China 77-68
  • And Japan had showtime vs Kuwait 101-48

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Top Sports Stories in Japan… (July 30)

30 07 2007

Blue Skies & white, fluffy clouds

Overcast day today, I’m wishin’ for Blue Skies!

Today in Japanese Sports headlines:

  • Yomiuri Giants pound Carp (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri]
  • Osim: “today’s match was like dropping your trousers twice”(Asian Cup)… [Daily Yomiuri]
  • Japan beats Lebanon in FIBA Asia (basketball)… [Daily Yomiuri]

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More Asian Sports: FIBA Asia 2007

29 07 2007

Cheerleader from FIBA AsiaSo FIBA Asia is currently underway here in Japan, and there are Olympic Qualifying berths at stake. If I could get to Tokushima, I would… but Shikoku’s a long ways away, and I have ‘family’… so no travels to the South for me this Summer.

Anyway… I’ll give brief updates as they arrive!

Group A is: Jordan, Iran, Philippines, China

Group B: Japan, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait

Group C: Qatar, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia

Group D: South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Syria

Day 1 (28th July) saw the following: Read the rest of this entry »