A Christmas Thanks…

2 01 2008

Well, I’m back.  Still on holidays for a few more days, but I think I’ll be posting on a regular basis again.

Just like to issue a thanks to those that kept With Malice… going whilst I was away.  People that need thanks –
Mayor Dazeby?Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Muss
Jess Liekdee
Juan Sye
Hugh Sterno
Wendy Treetops-Glissen
Anne Chilldwren 
“Two Ears” Laybelle
Cindy Snow

Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Musswit
Avery Kriss
Miss Card
Di Wright
Mayor Dazeby
Merry-Anne Bright
Anna May Hall
York Kriss
Mrs B White

Thanks all…     😉



19 12 2007

And a Merry Christmas to all!Well, today me & my lil’ family (wife/bub) head Down Under… so I’ll be at best, sporadic in posting… but there’ll be quite a few guests taking care of bidness whilst I’m gone!

So on that note, I’ll bid you adeiu until late December.  Merry Christmas all.

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Christmas Treats!

7 12 2007

Merry ChristmasI think I’ve mentioned before that I’m going to be heading back Down Under for Christmas (just a short lightning-trip!)… whilst I’m there I’m in Oz (19th – 30th Dec), I’m not exactly sure how much time or access to internet I’m going to have.
So, as a special Christmas Treat to those who read here, there’ll be guest writers from various other blogs here to make this site just a lil’ more special during the holiday season.

Who’s coming?
Well, each one of them is fairly prolific in the amount of work they do, so I’ll list them & the site I primarily know them from.
When they’re here, if they want they’ll introduce you to other places their work can be read.
JP from Pyle of List, DCScrap of Epic Carnival, Sooze from Babes Love Baseball, dswinder from Sons of Sam Malone, Bad Santa, BAD!Kurt from Forum Blue And Gold, Sarah from Strike Zones and End Zones, Ed Ziti from MVN Laker’s Library, Eric from Storming the Floor, and last, but certainly not least – Dave from BlownCoverage.com… and maybe one or two others.

I’ll be around a lil’ I’m hoping, but if I’m not well… hell… the quality’s going up! I’m looking forward to seeing what they have on offer.

[edit] And of course, I’ve been remiss in not mentioning our regular Rugby League/Cricket writer & moustache-growing-impresario, Brad.  There’s quite a bit of cricket over the Australian Summer, and Brad will be sharing that during my sojourn Down-Under!