Making a Difference…

10 06 2007

If you’re sick of the Paris Hilton crap, then here’s something a sports team is doing to better the world…

Being an Australian, the natural sporting enemy is the English. Cricket, it’s the Ashes (the series played between England & Australia). Rugby Union’s current World Cup holders are England. One of Australia’s most famous victories in soccer (football) is a win over the English in a ‘friendly’ match.

So praising the English isn’t something that comes easy to this sports-fan. But reading the news today, it’s due.

The English National Football team (soccer to North Americans) will donate their wages for international matches to charity. The ‘Team England Footballers’ Charity’ will donate a minimum of 1 million pounds (nearly $2 million US) to various charities in the years leading up to the 2010 Word Cup.

Now this isn’t going to beggar them by any means – and they still have their (mostly massive) salaries from domestic competitions… and donation of money from athletes is nothing new – but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this, on such a scale.

Perhaps if more professional athletes did something like this, then sports really could make a difference.