Ideas to liven up the NBA Finals…

13 06 2007


Well, as expected game 3 of the NBA Finals was a total yawnfest. Sure, close, but for folks NOT from San Antonio, we were all hoping for a win for the James Gang so that a sweep isn’t on the cards. Unfortunately for those of us seeking entertainment, San Antonio won 75-72 (tied for second-fewest points total in the history of NBA Finals). And there was more grind in this game than you’re likely to find in your local discotheque (post 10 beers) on a Saturday night.


So… this has GOTTA be killing David Stern. He would’ve been beside himself at the prospect of having Lebron take the mantle of ‘Heir Jordan’… and now it’s just not eventuating. Not only that, the games have been boring. Dead boring.

What can be done to liven it all up? To make it both interesting, and a more even contest. Well… perhaps some ideas to help ol’ Dave out…

  1. Make the Spurs play in clown suits, including shoes… except Bruce Bowen (his feet get in the way enough already). Surely better than those evil looking black ‘n’ silver outfits…
  2. Smear margarine (ok… butter) on one of either Tim Duncan’s or Tony Parker’s hands (I think they tried that with Ginobli in Game 3). That should even it up a lil’ with Lebron’s turnovers…
  3. Let this guy play for Cleveland: Dalip Singh (also known as The Great Kali)Just for a few minutes… please (run Bruce, run).
  4. Give fans a free drink every time the Spurs score a run of 5 or more unanswered points. That way they’ll have something to cheer about.
  5. Every time the Spurs get up by 10 or more, the San Antonio wives/girlfriends take the floor instead (on the strength of the first few games, not sure it’ll make a difference…) until Cleveland are up by 2+…


C’mon Cleveland… get your groove on!


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