You still have T-Shirts to win…

16 06 2007

From the competition that I first promoted on June 7th (Flippin’ off story competition), there are still opportunities to win one of these T-Shirts…


Get your entries in (Just like Bob did… here), and maybe win a pretty cool T-Shirt!


Wanna free T-Shirt?

9 06 2007

In line with the free T-Shirt competition I’m running, more details on T-Shirt choices available! T-Shirts will be a Japanese motif/design (two of the designs available shown below).


Thus far we have only one entry (from Bob), and I print here:

“All Blacks Announce Black is ‘so last year'”

In a surprise announcement today, the NZRFU released a statement saying that the All Blacks playing strip will be radically redesigned for this years World Cup. The decision to change to a hot pink uniform has caught many by surprise but spokesperson Carson Kressley (From Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) said “Pink is the new black, darling and black is so last year”.

No All Black players were available for comment at the time of this article.

Additionally, I’ll include other bits ‘n’ pieces from Japan – So, get your entries in…

Flippin’ Off… (‘Possible Flip-flop Story’ Competition)

7 06 2007

What is it at the moment? What’s going on???

In the last 2 weeks, we had two of the biggest flip-flops occur in the sports-world. First, we had Kobe Bryant with his “Trade-me-wait-no-don’t-trade-me” tirade (does anyone know what he wants at the moment?), then we had Billie Donovan with his “I wannabe an NBA coachwait, no I don’t” (shortest tenure ever as an NBA coach?). How brilliant a flip-flop were both? Both were sheer head-scratching in the stupidity involved. Not to say either Kobe Bryant or Billy Donovan are stupid – both are (from what I hear/read) very intelligent guys – but the acts were (stupid).

So, it got me thinking… what reversals would we want to see? Who could perform an about-face that would rival these two?

Some examples…

Shaq returns to the Lakers… (c’mon, who wouldn’t love to see this? <rolls eyes>) The big guy could come up with a great new nickname for it (The Big Prodigal Son?), and state that he’s glad to be back – wishes he never left, and come up with a new pithy nickname for Kobe after claiming him as his ‘sidekick’. Better than Cain & Abel…

The Rocket changes his mind just prior to his first start. He wants to play in … Boston. Announcement made Friday June 8th (just prior to when he would’ve started for the Yanks) where he’s flown in by helicopter on top of the Green Monster at Fenway…

don11.jpg With Malice’s first ever competition!!! don11.jpg

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