Blogsifting: Maid to deliver…

20 09 2007

Yuka Haneda is one helluva maid…Lots and lots and lost and lots of great things out there in Blogfrica (not a single damn one of you has suggested a BETTER term… well… from all 3 of my readers! 😉 )… and here at With Malice we’ll do all the work for you.  Almost like having a maid (tho’ nothing quite like the lovely Yuka Haneda)…

    1. Introducing Liston… well… I guess you have to actually read some of his stuff to really get it… even then, I don’t think anyone truly *gets* Liston. Enjoy this piece that he wrote at BlownCoverage. Bring your own grain of salt. Liston also writes at Epic Carnival if you want more of him than his own site offers… 😉
    2. LB over at Larry Brown Sports did this excellent interview with the delectable Rachel Specter.  Colour me green with envy.
    3. Oscar’s been a very bad boyWith Leather.
    4. Asterisk this.  Over at Signal to Noise.
    5. I love it when people give a nod to High School sports… went to a High School football game.  Pity about the trashing from the band tho’… guess they learnt that at band-camp… (I know… trashy and overdone reference).
    6. The first basketball blog I ever read – HoopsAddict – brings us a podcast on New York playground legend, Ron Johnson.
    7. Phenomenal story here pointing to an even more phenomenal story.  Doberman On The Diamond – great work guys, great work.

    That’s all, see you all tomorrow.


    Top Sports Stories in Japan… (August 23)

    23 08 2007

    Well… she’s still hot!Nice… raining today, and much, much cooler. About time.

    Anyway, today’s top sports headlines in Japan!

    Top Sports Stories in Japan… (August 22)

    22 08 2007

    Glorious JapanA lil’ cooler today… not much, but a lil’!

    So, today in Japanese sports headlines we have:

    Top Sports Stories in Japan… (August 21)

    21 08 2007

    Hot to trot…Michael Vick news has just about beaten everything else down… kind of astounded.

    But here are the top news stories over here in Japan!

    • Finals loom in Summer Baseball Tournament (Koshien Natsu)… [Daily Yomiuri]
    • Asashoryu is… a lil’ nuts. Well ok – is suffering from an ‘associative disorder’ (sumo)… [Daily Yomiuri]
    • Japan gear up for opener vs Australia (rugby)… [Mainichi Shimbun]
    • World Athletic Championships draw record crowds, and record heat… [Mainichi Shimbun]
    • Vick seeks court’s mercy… and that of Commish Goodell… [Japan Times]

    Top Sports Stories in Japan… (August 20)

    20 08 2007

    Lovely, lovely ErinaBusy day today – bub needs a passport! Anyway – you don’t want to hear about that…

    Today’s top sports headlines in Japan:

    • Kashima Antlers doing very, very well (J-League)… [Daily Yomiuri]
    • Abe scores a walk-off slam against Swallows (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri]
    • Latest news on the Summer High School baseball tournament at Koshien stadium… [Daily Yomiuri]
    • Reds back to the summit of J-League… [Daily Yomiuri]

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    Top Sports Stories in Japan… (August 17)

    17 08 2007

    Fun in the sun… Back at the wheel, so back to normal with news reports… middle of a heat-wave in Japan.

    Today’s news in sports in Japan…

    • Koryo High heads to 3rd round of Koshien Summer tournament (High School baseball)… [Japan Times]
    • Kuwata sacked by Pirates, heads back to Japan… [Mainichi Shimbun]
    • Marines’ bullpen puts them in second place (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri]
    • Dragons’ second Donoue looks the goods (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri]

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