Bizarre Japanese Sports… #7: New MMA style

27 08 2007

greeny.jpgDamn man… I think they’re on to something. Surely this would address falling numbers of fans. Maybe, just maybe, this could attract fans to boxing away from MMA. Or do we count it as a new MMA? I dunno… interesting tho’!

Only in Japan…

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Extreme Iron(ing) Men

13 08 2007

A Bizarre Sports in Japan special #7…

This is part of a paired article – it’s partner is over at Epic Carnival!

Ok, when someone says ‘iron man’, my mind conjures up pictures of sun-bronzed Aussie surf competitions. ‘Extreme Iron Man’… well, I figured it was the typical surf-competition, only longer, tougher.

But no.

Mt Fuji cops an ironExtreme Ironing is the *sport* (you decide) of taking an iron & ironing board to locations not conducive to ironing, and pressing a few items of clothing.

I kid you not.

Damn man, I have a shirt that needs a press…I first read about the Japanese Extreme Ironing Club when a Japanese man ironed on top of Mt Fuji, then discovered that it is truly an international phenomenon, with a website and international chapters. Clifftop Ironingunderwater ironingbicycle ironing… car ironing – nothing is too extreme for these bad-boys ‘n’ girls of the domestic arts.

Here’s a clip with the basics of Extreme Ironing.

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FIBA Asia – Japan knocked down by South Korea!

2 08 2007

Yee-HAAASth Korea were able to pick up a decisive victory against Japan, defeating the hosts (for their second straight defeat) 93-83. Japan are struggling on the ropes now, but they still have a chance (tho’ quite lessened) of making the next round.

In other matches on Day 5…

  • China thumped Indonesia 102-47
  • Philippines beat up on India 104-69
  • Syria whalloped Kuwait 109-69
  • Hong Kong beat UAE 87-64
  • Jordan beat Kazakhstan 82-73
  • Lebanon had a training run on Chinese Taipei 95-64
  • Iraq defeated Qatar 95-87

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Huge News: Asa suspended!

2 08 2007

Asashoryu at the Nagoya Basho - picture by DonThis is enormous news in Japan.

Due to his duplicity about his lower-back injury, Sumo Yokozuna Asashoryu has been suspended for two Grand Sumo Tournaments, and his pay will be docked for four months by 30%. This is an unprecedented move by the Sumo Association – a Yokozuna has never been suspended nor received a paycut. And this is a sport with history going back centuries.

It all came about from Asashoryu (real name Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj) submitting that he was too injured (lower back) to take part in a Sumo Tour. He flew back to Mongolia (his native country), supposedly for treatment – but was then seen on Japanese TV taking part in a charity soccer match.

Storm ensues. Read the rest of this entry »

FIBA Asia – Japan loses!!!

1 08 2007

Absolute HAWTNESS cheerleaders…Fairly huge news in Asian basketball, Kazakhstan has downed the hosts Japan. Japan were (still are?) one of the favourites for the tournament, in which Olympic berths are the prize. With a 93-85 scoreline, the game could’ve gone either way… but Anton Ponomarev, Rustam Yargaliyew and Yevgeniy Issakov were all up to the task of keeping Nippon at bay.

In other games on Day 4 (worth noting, none of the absolute thrashings we’ve seen on other days):

  • Philippines defeated Syria in a high-scoring affair 107-100
  • China beat Hong Kong 93-69
  • Kuwait just got past India 72-68
  • UAE fell just short of beating Indonesia, losing 81-83
  • Iran beat Chinese Taipei 76-64
  • South Korea beat Jordan 70-65
  • Lebanon defeated Qatar 90-68

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More Asian Sports: FIBA Asia 2007

29 07 2007

Cheerleader from FIBA AsiaSo FIBA Asia is currently underway here in Japan, and there are Olympic Qualifying berths at stake. If I could get to Tokushima, I would… but Shikoku’s a long ways away, and I have ‘family’… so no travels to the South for me this Summer.

Anyway… I’ll give brief updates as they arrive!

Group A is: Jordan, Iran, Philippines, China

Group B: Japan, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait

Group C: Qatar, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia

Group D: South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Syria

Day 1 (28th July) saw the following: Read the rest of this entry »

More Japan loves Cute!

4 07 2007

Ai IijimaJapan’s obsession with all things ‘Kawaii’ has not lessened at all over the last few weeks, that’s for sure. ’90s Japanese adult-movie star Ai Iijima (now a mainstream celebrity) is in the news for having ‘found true love’… new ‘idols’ (cute celebrities) seem to spring up almost daily, and the sports-world is no different…

The Shy Prince on Tuesday at Nagoya’s Aichi Country ClubSo just a quick update on one of Japan’s favorite idols at the moment, the 15 year old Ryo Ishikawa – nicknamed “hanikami oji” (bashful prince) who is in Nagoya to play in the Japan Amateur Championships, which started Tuesday. Normally a fairly quiet affair, the Aichi country club has had to triple the amount of security it normally employs for the event. A course official stated that normally they only have to do this for pro-events, and even then, only when a really famous golfer is playing.

Ishikawa is expected to have a following of perhaps 4,000 fans, but his aims are being kept realistic: “I want to aim at finishing first if I can get through the elimination rounds,” Ishikawa said.

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[source: Mainichi Shimbun]