Jubilo soccer star sacked for sex suspicions!

30 06 2007


Jubilo Iwata (Japanese soccer team based in Shizuoka prefecture) cut ties with Naoya Kikuchi due to Kikuchi being arrested on suspicion of having had sex with a 15 year old girl. He was fined, his contract was terminated, and rumors abound as to whether some officials were aware of the incident prior to the arrest – as fines have been placed on both the team president, and the head of team development.

What amazes me is the attitude of people in general here in Japan. It’s met with a pretty blase attitude – enjou kosaii (compensated dating with schoolgirls) is as bad as it’s always been, so this situation involving a football (soccer) player raises nary an eyebrow.

Imagine what Roger Goodell’d be doing…


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