Some consistency… please.

4 06 2007


Not sure about the general consensus, but surely Roger Goodell’s doing his own credibility some damage at the moment. He suspends Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, for bringing the game into disrepute, and yet Michael Vick is still walking around, with nary a threat to his play-time… yet.

Does anyone doubt that Vick was at the very least aware of what was going on at the house on Moonlight Road, at more likely he was heavily involved. I believe that the only reason that Goodell hasn’t acted yet is because he was requested not to by the Surry County Attourney General, and the Surry County Sheriff’s office requested the NFL to not act precipitously. Still, pedigree papers with Vick’s name on them, emails and eyewitness accounts – anyone thinking he’s NOT guilty??? I also find it surprising that the AG hasn’t yet executed a search warrant they have for the Moonlight Road property… and that the existence of the search warrant is of public knowledge now. Surely that puts later searches in jeopardy of not bearing any fruit at all!?? It’s all a bit weird…

In his meeting with the Commissioner, Vick stated unequivocally that he had nothing to do with anything untoward, and the Commish told him unequivocally that anything that transpired on that property was HIS responsibility. Ignorance is no excuse.

Arthur Blank really finds himself between the proverbial rock & a hard place here… does he dump Vick, and risk another team with fewer scruples take him, or does he hold onto a guy that may well not be playing for a very long time to come. Definitely: should Blank boot Vick, and then he gets suspended by the Commissioner’s Office, then he (Blank) looks like he’s doing the right thing by the NFL. But if nothing comes of it… he loses a guy who really isn’t getting the job done anyway.


Either way… I’d be very surprised if it’s Michael Vick stepping out to general the Falcons September 9th at the Metrodome versus the Vikings (first game at the Georgia Dome is Sept. 23).