Stammerin’ Selig lets Hammerin’ Hank’s 755 slide…

14 06 2007

Man… I hoped this day would never come. And yet it’s almost here, and the slow inevitability about it all is killing me.

I had hoped he would retire, be forced from the game, or suffer an injury that ended his career (not really sure I’d wish that on anyone really… but on Bonds, I’m close), or that the Giants wouldn’t re-sign him & every other franchise would ignore him. Bah.

But, here we are. 755’s fast approaching, and damn, when he hits 756 – it’ll be a sad day for sports.


Ok, I’ve heard it all – blah, blah, blah – he’s never been proven to be a drug-cheat et al. Other players are using steroids… he didn’t know what was in ‘the cream & the clear’ – but does anyone really doubt this guy’s a cheat? I mean, c’mon… a guy this focused on keeping himself in top condition, and a guy says “here, use this” – and he’s NOT going to know what ‘this’ is???


Yup, no evidence… other than a suspicious increase on his shoe size and hat size – he’s all kosher! Yuh-huh. Sure.

So… it’s inevitable that Barry’ll get it done. He’ll reach 755, and add a few more on to the total to boot. So, what are we to do? Commissioner Bud Selig is reportedly still uncertain as to how Barry beating Hammerin’ Hank should be ‘celebrated’, even downplaying it’s importance. Bud… this isn’t just any ol’ milestone… this is 755! Perhaps the most famous of all sporting achievements!

I’m hoping it will be treated not as Bonds setting the record, but as 755 dying. It’ll certainly be a black day for sports. Break out the black arm-bands folks…

Barry, do us all a favour, and stop just one shy. Have some dignity.

Barry Bonds? Dignity?…

Who am I kidding…




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