Blogsifting: Sinkin’ in the sand

2 08 2007

She’s not sinking…Some awesome stuff, and it’s been a busy day. New writer… new TV…

Time to share what I’ve been reading:

  1. New Epic writer Jack Cobra (of Cobra Brigade) speaks from the heart in Cubs in First Place, Armageddon to follow
  2. A list! A list! We all love lists: Winning The Turnover Battle‘s Hank has a look at a look at the top ten players that were selected with picks that were traded before the draft in Before You Declare a Winner
  3. A slightly different take on the Cubs over at Five Tool Tool
  4. For anyone who’s ever played fantasy sports… The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes present Turn on the ^&*#ing “Auto-Pick” Before You Leave the Draft Lobby
  5. Another Epic writer, JA (from The Feed) gives us a look at Mitch Cozad’s trial (accused of stabbing his competition for the starting punter job at Northern Colorado)
  6. This rocks. Blindfolded Muay Thai, vid-clip courtesy of 100% Injury Rate
  7. Controversial but fun – NOIS always hits the spot – Vick: Who Wins? An interesting take on the Vick story.

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Carnival of the NBA, #46 – Made in Japan

16 07 2007

Made in Japan…

A cold dark shadow crept across the land, it’s chilling touch reaching out to everyone. A… void… an absence of a loved presence. Yes indeed children, the NBA season has drawn to a close. But do not fear – there are a few, a few brave souls who continue to strive for all that is good, just, and… basketball.
Like a shining sword cutting through the darkness, here is your Carnival. The Carnival of the NBA (#46)… Made in Japan (well… that’s where I live anyway!).

Golden State of Mind gives us three excellent entries: Report Cards (extensive, and well worth the read – Matt Barnes is one of my favourite players!); an in depth exploration of the Yi issue; Golden State waves goodbye to Jason Richardson.

The guys at Pistons Notebook tell us about the FIBA Americas – a look at who is playing for the US team, and who should start.  Excellent article, and a must read.

20 Second Timeout gave us his impressions of the draft (and the wild spending by Paul Allen).

We’re given a tribute to Derek Fisher in Win or Go Home‘s A Utah Fish No More. One of my all-time favourite players. Guy is all class, and in this day & age, that really means something. WoGH also explores who’s likely to join the Jazz

Girl in KimonoAre NBA Players Like Fine Wine? is the question proferred to us by Miami Heat Wired. A look at the Miami Heat’s veterans…

Matt at Blog a Bull wonders if he’ll ever be able to cheer for Yannick Joakim Noah in Your Newest Chicago Bull. Jury’s still out for Matt, but if I was a Bull-fan, I couldn’t (be a fan). Not after I read one comment comparing him to Sanjaya.

At Bullets Forever, we have two articles. One that offers responses from DC bloggers on the Wizard’s draft (So how do your bloggers like the draft), and the second explores the Juan Carlos Navarro situation (and made reference to the Kwame-Brown-for-Caron-Butler trade… which as a Lakers fan still hurts).

“Where to go from here?” is a question I’m sure a lot of front offices and fans are asking at the moment. asks that very question for Boston in Writer’s Blocked.

Clips Nation‘s ClipperSteve got to do an interview with Jared Jordan. Can he make it in the big time? Read this article to find out what the author thinks…

So… what’s Shaq up to? Shaq’s Fat Camp of course! Pyle of List recaps episode 3 on Shaq’s Fat Camp Episode III.

Ego is not a dirty word? Green Bandwagon looks at Egos… percieved slights are just as real as intentional insults (if anyone can get a message through to Shawn Marion, tell him we’ll organise a Lakers cheergirl in a Shawn Marion uniform… but only if it’s in purple & gold!).

Corey Brewer’s a wolf. A Timberwolf. Whilst watching the NCAA final, this guy was the ‘Gator I was most impressed with. I Heart KG explores why he’s a great pick at #7 in the NBA Draft.

in kimono…Darren Heitner explores Greg Oden’s character development in the very illuminating Greg Oden’s First Endorsement Should Be For Hand Sanitizer at I want to be a Sports Agent.

The guys at HoopsAddict bring us two excellent articles. One from Kinnon Yee explores how the acquisition of the gunner Jason Kapono changes the Toronto Raptors… in the second, Ryan McNeill gives us an excerpt from Filip Bondy’s book “Tip-Off: How The 1984 Draft Changed Basketbal Forever that looks at the 1984 draft, the Philadelphia 76ers of the time, and ‘shapes’ in The Imperfect Fit.

Red’‘s Matty G Thanks Delonte West for Everything. Even tho’ I’m not a Boston fan, I really like Delonte. You gotta admire the way the guy plays.

MVN Basketball has a host of writers I like to read… Jon Burkett gives us two articles, the aptly-named What the Yi is going on? (written in the NBA Draft University section) and he cheers Hooray for Thadeus Young (within the Passion and Pride – Philadelphia 76ers section).

Another MVN basketball piece from Wolves Watch – Minnesota Timberwolves, (where even tho’ it’s not mentioned – as a Laker fan I get excited when I read KG trade pieces) Too Late To Trade KG? Nope.

Signal To Noise explores the NBA free Agency (neat picture of Ron Van Gundy too)…

NBA Glue presents an article exploring free agency in 3 pieces. The first & second look at NBA Glue‘s Top 10 free agents (I love lists), whereas part 3 explores where are the likely destinations for some of those agents.

Seth of Posting and Toasting (part of the SB Nation group) gives us the absolutely bizarre Stephon Marbury on YouTube… words do not suffice.

Spencer Hawes learns basketball from… YouTube? Sactown Royalty exposes Hawes’ youth.

David Stern makes sure the money keeps rolling in… Sportsbiz explores the extension of NBA digital media rights to it’s broadcasting partners in NBA Extends TV Deals. weighs the balance in any trade involving Kevin Garnett in What Have We Become?… I sympathize, I for one would love him to come to the Lakers, but I cannot imagine a world where there’s a Minnesota without KG.

History. The NBA has it by the ton (metric or imperial!)… and none more so than the Boston Celtics. LOY’s PLACE explores the history of the C’s in A Dose of Celtics History Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Lastly, my own (With Malice…) exploration of one of the ailments of the NBA players today, in two parts: When arrogance rules supreme part 1, and part 2.

And that’s the end of issue #46 of the Carnival of the NBA… make sure when you visit the sites that submitted to have a look around. Each & every one a gem…

The End…

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Another NBA draft wrap-up…

1 07 2007

greg-odens-a-blazer.jpgNice collection of draft-thoughts from all over the blogosphere at Empty The Bench’s ‘So, How’d Your Team Do in the NBA Draft?

Nice blog there too… have a look around folks!

Days of Our Lakers… a review of the draft.

30 06 2007


It’s worth noting that of the 3 draft picks the Lakers got, only one of them really has any positive light from Kobe’s point of view… Anyway, that aside – let’s have a look at ’em!

Drafted with the 19th pick – Javaris Crittendon. The Lakers have a need at point guard, that’s for sure. And without-a-doubt Crittendon was the best player at that position still on the board (after Acie Law IV & Mike Conley). I doubt that he’ll have much impact in the next season, but with Aaron McKie & Smush Parker gone, maybe he will (depending on trades et al). Still, the Lakers do have to look beyond Kobe, and most draft picks at that stage of the game are ‘projects’. I must admit that I was hoping for him to drop this far (and as we got to the mid-teens, was pretty sure he would: Washington, New Jersey & Golden State all have established PGs) – he’s young, has good vision & will (eventually) make a good point guard… one day (not sure that’s what Mr Bryant wants to hear). He’s also eminently tradeable (which would please Kobe).

The second pick with the 10th pick of the 2nd round (40 overall) was Sun Yue. This
pick initially took me by surprise. A very, very long player with point guard skills… ok. Why haven’t we heard of him? Supposedly quick, can jump, and has good passing skills. Still as is typical for Chinese players, he is very, very skinny, and would need to bulk up considerably before having an impact on the NBA. Another project? Chalk up some displeasure for Kobe…

With the 18th pick of the 2nd round (48th overall) the Lakers took Marc Gasol (Pau’s baby brother). Now this pick interests me. Gasol’s a big body, and has all-round good skills. Ready to roll now… in my preview, this was a guy I targeted with this pick, and I’m happy we got him. I’d suggest that Gasol’s presence means that the Lakers are seriously looking to trade Andrew Bynum. Is that a hint of a smile I see Kobe?

Gasol squared… we got the handsome one


For more reviews of the draft for other teams, go to Sports Projections!


For a response on the draft from Kobe (I think…), try Pyle of List’s Live-Blogging from Kobe’s House!


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NBA Draft 2007

29 06 2007


Really good running commentary on this at Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop at too (Blogger Live Draft)… we got a mention there on the Laker’s pick, and that of Houston too…

Minute-by-minute updates on With Malice… stay tuned!  Commentary for some picks…

* trade notes at the bottom of this page…

  1. Portland Trailblazers – Greg Oden. With the first pick of the 2007 draft, Portland select Greg Oden!  No brainer…
  2. Seattle Supersonics Kevin Durant – again, a no brainer.
  3. Atlanta Hawks – Al Horford – Next best player after Oden/Durant…
  4. Memphis Grizzlies – Mike Conley Jr. – I don’t even think he’s the best PG in the draft.  That’d be Acie Law…
  5. Boston Celtics – Jeff Green (Traded to Seattle) *1 OH!  Wingman attained to play with Durant!
  6. Milwaukee Bucks – Yi Jianlian – Trade-bait.  Yi’s not a good fit at the Bucks…
  7. Minnesota Timberwolves – Corey Brewer – Great defensive player, good for a ‘rebuilding team’…
  8. Charlotte Bobcats –Brandan Wright – (Traded to Golden State) **4  workouts saw this player’s stock plummet…
  9. Chicago Bulls – Joakim Noah – an “energetic” inside presence… great rebounding.  Hold a sec… wasn’t that Tyrus Thomas a year ago?
  10. Sacramento Kings – Spencer Hawes – I know a lot of Kings fans that are going to be disappointed they took Hawes…
  11. Atlanta Hawks – Acie Law IV – a steal at #11.  In my mind the best PG in the draft…
  12. Philadelphia 76ers – Thaddeus Young
  13. New Orleans Hornets – Julian Wright – perhaps one of the unsung, but I think 13’s a lil’ high.
  14. Los Angeles Clippers – Al Thornton lotsa upside on this guy…
  15. Detroit Pistons – Rodney Stuckey – damnit… was hoping this guy would drop to the Lakers – GREAT player, a steal at 15!
  16. Washington Wizards – Nick Young – (only two more picks Lakers… Crittendon is STILL on the board!  And why would New Jersey or Golden State take a Point Guard?)
  17. New Jersey Nets – Sean Williams – Bad boy with huge upside.  Better attitude could’ve seen him go higher… (JC STILL there!)
  18. Golden State Warriors – Marco Benelli – first of the Euro-guys to fall!  (what will the Lakers do!???)
  19. Los Angeles Lakers – Javaris Crittendon – an absolute STEAL at #19… further commentary below! **
  20. Miami Heat – Jason Smith – (traded to the 76ers) *2
  21. Philadelphia 76ers – Daequan Cook – third of the Ohio State boys… (traded to the Heat) *2
  22. Charlotte Bobcats – Jared Dudley
  23. New York Knicks – Wilson Chandler – just what the Knicks need.  Another shooter.
  24. Phoenix Suns – Rudy Fernandez – (traded to the Trailblazers) *3 bizarre that they bailed on him – a big future…
  25. Utah Jazz – Morris Almond
  26. Houston Rockets – Aaron Brooks ***
  27. Detroit Pistons – Arron Afflalo
  28. San Antonio Spurs – Tiago Splitter – the man with the name we’ve all been waiting for to be in the NBA… should be a (quite literally) HUGE addition… still, may not make it over to the NBA for another year (buy-out clause)
  29. Phoenix Suns – Alando Tucker
  30. Philadelphia 76ers – Petteri Kopenen – a great pick up – young and with very, very good vision, Koponen could end up being a big acquisition… (traded to Portland)

Thus ends the first round of picks… 

Round 2…

  1. Seattle Supersonics – Carl Landry – wow… Josh McRoberts’ stock has really, really taken a nose-dive!
  2. Boston Celtics – Gabe Pruitt – PG who could nearly have gone late first round.
  3. San Antonio Spurs – Marcus Williams
  4. Dallas Mavericks – Nick Fazekas – another player who could’ve gone first round…
  5. Seattle Supersonics – Glen Davis – Big Baby obtained via trade for this pick… (traded to Boston)
  6. Golden State Warriors – Jermareo Davidson (traded to Charlotte)
  7. Portland Trailblazers – Josh McRoberts – kinda surprised he lasted this long… anti-Duke thing?
  8. Philadelphia 76ers – Kyrylo Fesenko
  9. Miami Heat – Stanko Barac (traded to Indiana)
  10. Los Angeles Lakers – Sun Yue – ok… I’m a lil’ shocked.
  11. Minnesota Timberwolves – Chris Richard
  12. Portland Trailblazers – Derrick Byars (traded to Philadelphia)
  13. New Orleans Hornets – Adam Haluska
  14. Orlando Magic – Reyshawn Terry
  15. Los Angeles Clippers – Jared Jordan
  16. Golden State Warriors – Stephane Lasme
  17. Washington Wizards – Dominic McGuire … show me the money?  Sorry… couldn’t resist!
  18. Los Angeles Lakers – Marc Gasol – The other Gasol… big guy, should have some impact.  Does this mean Andrew Bynum’s gone???
  19. Chicago Bulls – Aaron Gray
  20. Dallas Mavericks – Renaldis Seibutis
  21. Chicago Bulls – JamesOn Curry … you’re kidding…
  22. Portland Trailblazers – Taurean Green – nice get…
  23. Portland Trailblazers – Demetris Nichols
  24. Houston Rockets – Brad Newley – woot!  An Aussie!!  This guy’s actually pretty good…
  25. Utah Jazz – Herbert Hill
  26. Milwaukee Bucks – Ramone Sessions
  27. Detroit Pistons – Sammy Meija
  28. San Antonio Spurs – Giorgis Printezis
  29. Phoenix Suns – D J Strawberry
  30. Dallas Mavericks – Milovan Rakovic


*1 – The Celtics traded the No. 5 pick, Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak to the Sonics for Ray Allen. Green may be the perfect wingman for Kevin Durant.  And a nice get for Boston… not sure it’s exactly what Paul Pierce was wanting… but time’ll tell!

*2 – At this stage it looks like 76ers gave their pick + cash to get the guy they wanted from Miami…

*3 – Traded to the Trailblazers for cash…

++ Big news – New York Knicks land Zach Randolph, Dan Dickau & Fred Jones for guard Steve Francis and Channing Frye.  Thus ends the Zach Randolph stakes, and Channing Frye ends up in Portland alongside Greg Oden… it would appear Frye became expendable when Eddie Curry improved outta site last year.  Portland plan to buy-out Steve Francis, and make him a free agent this summer…

*4 – Brandan Wright was only a very short time a Bobcat, traded to Golden State for Jason Richardson.

Commentary… (made on TrueHoop)

**I was quite excited leading up to this pick – some real quality still available (due to some baffling picks earlier)!  And as we got towards the Lakers pick, New Jersey & Golden State were obviously not going to take Javaris Crittendon – could he end up a Laker???  Really happy to see the Lakers take him…  He’s got tremendous upside and with McKie & Parker gone, he should be able to have an impact immediately.  Happy as a pig in the proverbial… Surprised to see Crittendon still on the boards at this later stage!  A steal to get him at #19…

***Aaron Brooks will do pretty well at Houston, where his lack of height should be offset to some extent by the mere presence of Yao.  He has quite good vision, and wants the ball.  I’m a little surprised that he got drafted at this point, I had him pegged for a mid-to-late second round choice – and especially given that Josh McRoberts is still on the board (who would do pretty well in a Rockets uniform).  Still, Brooks should do ok in Houston, playing behind Alston & James.


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NBA Draft ’07…

28 06 2007


Well… it’s nearly here, and I’ve been looking forward to this… kinda. Trades are going to happen like wildfire (I hope) giving bloggers plenty of ammunition… hopefully some monster-trades this year – and not a fizzle like the last one.

Word is Oden goes #1 (suuuurprise, suuuuurprise!)…

It’ll be 8am here in Japan when it all starts, but you can bet your behind I’ll be here… commenting & posting…


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Top Sports Stories in Japan… (June 28)

28 06 2007


What a surprise… humid as hell today!

Today’s sports-headlines in Nippon…