KG to Boston, and why I like it (from a Boston perspective)

31 07 2007

Well… she’s in greenJust a short opinion – I’ve been hearing from a lot of Celt-fans that they don’t like it… here’s why I do:

  • Finally, your franchise is relevant again.
  • Pierce, Allen & KG can win the East. Hell, I could play PG for them and they’d still have a damn good shot (hey baby, I still got some game!). What’s that you say? They still won’t win the finals? Well, that’s not a given, and here’s why:
  • If the East can be won by a team with little difficulty, then they can get to the finals rested, and with heaps of ‘go’. If in that same year, the West is a total beat-up in the lead-up to the finals, But does he change water to wine?then the team from the West will go in there tired, exhausted. Yes, it does require the stars to be aligned just right… but it’s there.

Yup, I get it that Boston basically has maybe a three year window to get it done, but it’s a THREE YEAR WINDOW TO GET IT DONE! That’s something you didn’t have days ago. I also understand that by the end of the KG contract, they may well be in a worse place than they were a month-and-a-half ago… but the window is there. Take it.

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