Weekly Training Camp Injury Report: 8/2/2008

15 08 2008

Arizona Cardinals
Anquan Boldin: Anquan Boldin should be back at training camp this week after sitting out last week nursing a hamstring injury.

Atlanta Falcons:
Joe Horn: Joe Horn sat out Saturday’s game against the Jaguars with a hamstring injury. Horn will be day to day.
Laurent Robinson: The 6’2 receiver who runs a 4.38 40 has been out with a tail bone injury. Laurent Robinson had a nice Rookie season last year and is a sleeper to start opposite of Roddy White in 2008!

Baltimore Ravens:
Todd Heap: Todd Heap sat out Thursday’s pre-season game against the patriots with a calf injury.
Willis McGahee: Willis missed Thursday’s pre-season game with a knee injury.
Josh Reed: Josh Reed missed Thursday’s pre-season game with a back injury.

Carolina Panthers
Jake Delhomme: JD is still nursing his elbow injury and only attempted one pass against the Colts this past Saturday. The Panthers are going to take it easy on their franchise QB during the pre-season to assure their leader is ready to roll in week1 of the regular season.

Chicago Bears
Kevin Jones: Was evaluated by team doctors last week and has been cleared to practice this upcoming week.

Cincinnati Bengals
Chad Johnson: Ocho Cinco is still recovering from ankle surgery, but said it shouldn’t keep him from showing up against the pack this Monday night.
T.J. Houshmanzadeh: Housh missed practice with a sore hamstring all last week and will most likely miss the Bengals first pre-season game against the packers.
Rudi Johnson: Missed practice last Thursday and will most likely sit on the sideline this Monday night.

Cleveland Browns
Braylon Edwards: Edwards was rushed to the hospital on Saturday night with a major cut on his right foot.
Joe Jurevicious: Joey “Sure”vicious was placed on the PUP list and will not be a part of the Browns training camp.

Dallas Cowboys
Key Injuries: None

Denver Broncos
Brand Marshall: The league handed down a 2 game suspension against Marshall last week, but that won’t limit him from being a part of the Broncos training camp.

Detroit Lions
Calvin Johnson: CJ sat out practice on Sunday with a bruised leg injury.
Jason Hanson: The veteran kicker may miss the next 2 pre-season games with a serious leg injury.
Shaun McDonald was a big part of the Lions offense last year, but he may not be able to contribute during training camp since the Lions are considering placing him on the PUP list.

Green Bay Packers
Ryan Grant: Last year’s running back sensation has missed the last 2 days of practice and it’s uncertain if he’ll be ready to play against the Bengals on Monday night.

Houston Texans
Ahman Green: AG hurt his groin on the first play of their pre-season game against the Broncos on Saturday.

Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning: Manning is recovering from knee surgery (Bursa Sac) and is estimated to be out at least 6 weeks. Manning may be out the entire pre-season, but we don’t anticipate his surgery having any adverse effects on his performance this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Mike Walker: The 2nd year UCF product has been battling an ankle injury for most of training camp. Walker is a beast and could walk away with one of the starting WR’s jobs on the Jags if he can stay healthy.

Miami Dolphins
Key Injuries: None

Minnesota Vikings
Key Injuries: None

New Orleans Saints
Jeremy Shockey: G-Shock is still nursing a sore leg and will be ready to go the final two pre-season games.
Marques Colston: Colston missed Thursday’s preseason game with a sore left knee, but resumed practice over the weekend.
Deuce McAllister: The veteran running back (sore knees) was able to resume practice over the weekend.

New England Patriots
Wes Welker: Mighty Mouse missed Thursday’s pre-season game against Baltimore with a sore groin.

New York Giants
Plaxico Burress: “Plexi Glass” sat out practice over the weekend and won’t resume until his sore ankle is feels better.
Steve Smith: SS missed Thursday’s pre-season game against the lions with a sore groin.

New York Jets
Key Injuries: None

Oakland Raiders
JaMarcus Russell: The Bayou Bengal tested his sore elbow & played 2 series against the 49ers this past Friday night.
Sebastian Janikowski: The “Polish Prince” missed Friday’s pre-season game against the Niners.

Philadelphia Eagles
Donovan McNabb: According to team reports, D Mac has fully recovered from shoulder tendonitis and played in the Eagles first pre-season game against the Steelers.
Reggie Brown: Mr. Brown missed the team’s first pre-season game with inflammation in his Achilles, but will resume practice this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Byron Leftwhich: Leftwhich signed on with the team after Charlie Batch went down with a Broken Collar Bone against the Eagles.

San Diego Chargers
Vincent Jackson: VJ continues to observe on the sidelines as he missed his 7th straight practice with sore legs this week.
Antonio Gates: AG’s big toe is about 60 to 70% after having surgery on it during the off season. The best tight end in football should be at full speed by the middle of training camp.
Philip Rivers: Philip has fully recovered from a surgically repaired torn ACL and went 5 for 6 with 54 yards passing in Saturday’s pre-season game against “America’s Team”.

San Francisco 49ers
Ashlie Lelie: Missed Friday night’s pre-season game against the Raiders with a calf injury.
Bryant Johnson: BJ signed with the 49ers this off season in his pursuit to be a featured Wide Receiver in the NFL. He missed Friday night’s pre-season game with a leg injury and is considered day to day.

St. Louis Rams
Orlando Pace: Pace continue to take it easy as he recovers from his surgically repaired shoulder. Pace will start training camp on the PUP list.

TampaBay Buccaneers
Key Injuries: None

Tennessee Titans
Rob Bironas: Bironas missed Saturday night’s pre-season game against the Rams with a leg injury.

Washington Redskins
Antwaan Randle El: Randle El suffered a forearm injury during Saturday’s pre-season game. He had several X rays after the game and all came back negative.

The Football Consigliere


Running the Longest Yard

7 08 2008

This is a special written for me by a friend who is a keen NFL fan in Australia. And a copper (policeman) – I have to put it up!

What is Brett thinking? He went out of the game a living legend in every sense of the word. He has the most TD passes in history. Apart from being a Giant last year, what more could Brett Favre wanted? To go out on top of the heap, to go out with such respect and dignity. To go out a winner, a legend, a king amongst kings of NFL. I will gladly take a day like that in my life, without a thought of trading it for something else.

So what does he do? He throws up a 180. Gives in to the temptation that only a true champion can resist. He comes back. I won’t go into the whole “Play for Green Bay or not?” thing, but I cannot begin to justify this decision with a logical argument.

The fire may still be burning. The hunger is eating at his stomach. But, at the end of the day, is it worth putting an entire career on the line for one more season, two if he’s lucky?

I’m not in any way diminishing Brett’s achievements on the field. He will always be remembered as a legend. But instead of Brett Favre – The Legend, it’s Brett Favre – The Legend*. That * will never appear physically, but it will be in the mind of every single NFL fan. There will always be a shadow of doubt cast over Brett’s decision to come back, in my opinion.

A true champion is one who can dominate his game, but can also know when it is time to step down. To be content with one’s self. Brett did this. Then folded. He gave in to the disease that has plagued so many – Michael Jordan, Evander Holyfield and The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. These absolute superstars could not walk away from what they loved. They will never lose the incredible legacy each have built, but it will always be a sore point in the careers. It will always be part of a gathering of minds at the local pub.

It could never be easy to give up something you love so much. Those tears showed how much NFL meant to him. How much Green Bay meant to him. How much the fans meant to him. But the time was right. He could go, knowing that if he said “I gave my everything for Green Bay, for the Cheeseheads”, and no one would have blinked.

Not now. He’s gonna wash those tears away with the handkerchief of another team. With the Number 4 jersey of another team. In a day where loyalty is rare, Brett Favre was the four leaf clover of the NFL. To give up so much, for so little in return, is astonishing. To risk a legacy most people would literally die for, for one last long shot at glory, makes the mind boggle.

Hopefully he’ll realise this before it’s too late. Hopefully he’ll realise that, at this stage of his decorated career, it’s better to be sippin’ on Corona and lime instead of running the longest yard of his life.

Fah-ver… Farve… Fa… Oh whatever

1 08 2008

It’s August 1st here, almost 2 weeks since I discussed Brett Favre’s rumoured return to the NFL, post Brett telling us all “it’s just a rumour”.  Thankfully, I didn’t buy into that.  Or… well, whatever.  Every day since that point the Favre situation’s been the headline on sports.

The drama continues, with Brett Favre sending his reinstatement paperwork to the NFL offers via fax.  Now we wait, does he turn up to the Packers’ training camp?  To do that would be hell for Green Bay.  They’ve moved on – he knows it.  For him to turn up would be chum in the water for the media eagerly awaiting.  A feeding frenzy would ensue.  I’m hopeful that Favre has more class than that.

Apparently Favre’s agent has been in discussion with the New York Jets, and additionally the Pack have offered him a 10 year licensing deal which would amount to $20 million, and him staying retired.  Pretty good money to not come to work.  Still… apparently Brett’s still got the itch to play.  Pity he couldn’t have scratched that without putting us through the oh-so-uncomfortable tear-jerker on March 4th.
So… where to from here?

I think at the end of the day, he still plays. It won’t be in Green Bay, and that’s a pity. Terrible way for him to go out. But Favre wants to play, and the Packers are at odds with that. Entirely their prerogative – every year they’ve been put through the “will-he-won’t-he” saga, and they thought it was finally done. Not so. Whatever, Aaron Rogers will be suiting up for that game when the Minnesota Vikings come to town.
Green Bay just pray that Favre isn’t in Purple for the same game.
Not that the Packers would dream of dealing ol’ #4 to Minnesota, but there’s always a chance that a quick deal might be arranged between teams… the Vikings would dearly love to see their old nemesis donning the horns.
And if they deal him elsewhere, that’s something that they have to protect themselves against… put some provisos into the deal that make it impossible for whoever that trade partner. Wouldn’t be too hard to do.
But to confuse you even more: the Vikings are Favre’s destination of choice. And the closer it gets to Favre attending training camp, the closer the spectre of Roger Goodell looms.
Favre attending training camp will strain an already vitriolic relationship – and that’s something Goodell can’t really allow.
Time will tell, and time’s running out.

This just in: Five Tool Tool has an interesting solution

Fantasy Football: Quarterback updates…

30 07 2008

1) Tom Brady (NE) Will Brady throw for 50 TD this year? No. Peyton Manning followed up his record 49 TD season with 28 TDs. You can count on Brady to top that. He is still the number one QB on the board so don’t hesitate to nab him if you don’t like the RB or WR staring you in the face with your pick. Resigning Moss was huge. The offense will be just as good and the division still stinks.

2) Peyton Manning (IND) Peyton Manning has averaged “only” 30 TD’s per season the last 3 years. Some owners that spent a first round pick on him may be disappointed by that. Ludicrous. Just temper your expectations. Harrison is nearing the end of his career and the run game is still prevalent for the Colts. But Manning will rarely lose you a week and will win you plenty. He is a reliable for sure.

3) Drew Brees (NO) Brees was hurt by McAllister’s injury early on and the Saints slow start in general. But he had some monster games and Colston remains a fantasy stud. Despite all the adversity, Brees still ended up with 28 TD passes and over 4400 yards. An even better 2008 is well within his sights. Brees is definitely a top 5 QB in any format.

4) Tony Romo (DAL) Romo took a lot of heat for whatever reason last year – some of it from Dallas fans. Strange considering he finished second only to Brady in QB Fantasy scoring. He did finish the year with 4 sub-par game in a row, but with another year as a starter under his belt and the Dallas offense expected to be explosive again – Romo is in line for another big year.

5) Carson Palmer (CIN) It’s not too often that 1 players success can be so closely tied to another but it is for Palmer in 2008. If Chad Johnson does not play for the Bengals this year, Palmer’s stock will drop considerably. The Bengals have already lost Chris Henry and there are only so many weapons a QB can lose before he drops back to the back. Expect a solid season but not a great one.

6) Derek Anderson (CLE) Throwing for 29 TDs (and 3 rushing) and almost 3800 yards when you don’t begin the season as the starter is nothing short of amazing. Cleveland has a top 5 WR in Braylon Edwards, a top pass catching TE, and an improved line. It will not be surprising (at least to GTD) if Anderson tops last year’s numbers. Don’t shy away from Anderson if he slots to you.

7) Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) Something seems not quite right when a Pittsburgh QB accounts for 34 TD’s (32 passing). But these are not your Steelers from years past. Yes, they still run the ball and run it often, but they are not afraid to throw deep and they throw it plenty in the red zone. Big Ben increased his TD passes by 14 and cut down his INTs by 12. Consider him a top tier QB for 2008.

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Quarterback Report!

20 07 2008

From the pen of The Football Consigliere

Tom Brady
Height: 6-4
Weight: 220lbs
Team: New England Patriots
2 YR Avg: 37 TD
2007 Total: 50 TD
2008 Projection: 38 TD

Last year, Brady put up unbelievable numbers, which included 50 TD passes. He’s always been a solid performer with an all pro offensive line, but now he’s gotten some skilled help. It’s no coincidence that his huge season came during his first year with Randy Moss. Moss hauled in 23 of those 50 TD passes and his speed left the field wide open underneath for Brady’s safety valve, Wes Welker. It never seems to matter who is in the backfield but a healthy Laurence Maroney can only help Brady’s numbers. Expect a decline in last year’s TD total, but he could still lead the NFL.

Tony Romo
Height: 6-2
Weight: 230lbs
Team: Dallas Cowboys
2 YR Avg: 27.5 TD
2007 Total: 36 TD
2008 Projection: 32 TD

Romo is coming off a huge season in which he seemed nearly unstoppable when he and Terrell Owens were on the same page. You add Marion Barber and Jason Witten into the mix and Romo has plenty of weapons at his disposal. There is also a wild card in the backfield with game breaker Felix Jones. There are plenty of reasons to love Tony this year, unless of course he starts dating Hilary Duff.

Peyton Manning
Height: 6-5
Weight: 230lbs
Team: Indianapolis Colts
2 YR Avg: 31 TD
2007 Total: 31 TD
2008 Projection: 34 TD

Manning will once again lead one of the best offenses in the NFL. All of his weapons will return and everyone is getting better with the exception of Marvin Harrison, who seems to be slowing down a bit. Reggie Wayne will stretch the field, Dallas Clark will cover the middle and Joseph Addai will be the homerun threat on the swing pass. Manning always has a strong line to give him plenty of time and there’s no reason to think that he won’t be near the top of the league in TD passes again this year.

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Green Bay a Favre-free zone?

10 07 2008

NFL is abuzz at the moment with the rumoured intention of Brett Favre to return to football. Something Brett Favre himself assures us all is ‘just a rumour’.

I don’t buy that. I think he wants in again.

Funny, listening to Scott Van Pelt the other day, you’d think that with the Favre situation it’s simply a question of who gives you the best chance of winning a Superbowl (and Van Pelt clearly leant towards Favre on that).

If only it were actually that simple. The Green Bay Packers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, make no mistake. Do they take the high road, and tell #4 that “You know what? Thanks, but no thanks.”… or do they put their future on hold for a guy who put them through this:

Or do they keep him… or trade him? What a spot for the Packers to be placed in, this close to training camp.

Look, don’t get me wrong – Brett Favre was an incredible player… possibly still ‘is’. Probably. But in welcoming back Favre would effectively end Aaron Rogers at Lambeau. And it’s beyond me how someone could go through the obvious emotional trauma that was witnessed at Favre’s supposed retirement, and come back.

This was supposed to be ‘it’. This was supposed to be the end of the years of ‘will he/won’t he’. An end to the uncertainty that Green Bay training camps were awash with for the past few years.
So, we all sat through Favre’s farewell… an undertaking that was definitely difficult for Favre himself.
That was abysmal… on several levels.
Someone should’ve stepped in midway through and said ‘Ok, enough. Let’s continue this tomorrow.’
But no-one did.
No-one could.
Honestly? I think that is someone did, Favre would’ve been grateful.
It’s just testament to the sway that Favre held at Greenbay. And in the next few weeks leading up to training camp, we’ll see exactly how much sway Brett Favre still holds there.

This has got to be killing Aaron Rogers. Finally, he gets a chance to start, and then Favre pulls a cheap, lame stunt like this.
Look, I get it that it’s “Brett Favre”, and we should all be impressed… but please. Comebacks like this are rarely a good idea, and usually just lead to more frustration.

So, what do coach Mike McCarthy and GM/et al Ted Thompson do?
They really only have 3 options.

  1. Welcome him back, and wave bye-bye to Rogers. And who could blame him…
  2. Say ‘no thanks’, and release him…
  3. Trade him…

Either of the last two would be incredibly difficult, but the first option would be no less so, for different reasons. Accepting back Favre just places all the power in the hands of a guy who’s uncertain about whether he wants to play or not.

So… let him go? Let him play alongside purple Jesus, or as one of the hated Bears? Or trade him? And the two prime candidates in need of a veteran presence at QB are… Minnesota and Chicago. Sheesh.

Don’t let him back in Green Bay. Politely tell him that the Favre era is over at Lambeau, and trade him.
Say thanks, and get whatever you can for him. But it’s time he was gone.
Time for Aaron Rogers to have his shot.
Time for everyone to move on.

That said and done, it’ll probably end up being a rumor anyway.

NFL Craziness

21 06 2008

Well… time for a lil’ bit of new blood around here!
And I’d like to introduce you to someone who’ll be doing a weekly spot on the NFL here: Adam… this British guy who… well… actually, I’ll let him introduce himself!

Mad London NFL fan will be going to a record setting 35 NFL games this season.
Hello my name is Adam, and I have just sold my apartment in London, I’m about to leave my job AND leave my beautiful girlfriend in London for several months, to go on a world record setting NFL trip.
I will be going to 35 NFL games during the 2008 regular season!
Taking in one NFL game at each home stadium, two games at Soldier Field to see my beloved Chicago Bears as well as the Toronto and London games, all this in 17 weeks!

Why am I doing this you may ask?
Well I’ve always loved football and I have been to a few games in the States and always loved the community and atmosphere, and then I realized just how different the culture is for each team and I suddenly wanted to check out each team – and find out for myself – who has the best fans.

I will be driving to most of the games taking in the whole tailgate culture… and as a Brit I will hopefully uncover some great American cultural nuggets. I am blogging my trip on my website: Adam’s Football Trip … as well as writing a book and making a documentary.

So feel free to check out my schedule and get involved!