Following suit: Tennis Gambling Scandal?

5 08 2007

Under suspicion - Nikolay DavydenkoPoland.

Top seeded Nikolay Davydenko retired injured against lowly-ranked Martin Vassallo, and the tennis world is alight with talks of scandal.
Officials are now investigating suspicious bets placed on the outcome of the match. British online betting agency Betfair have voided all bets on the game – an unprecedented move. It seems that they had an unusually high amount of money placed on the match – uh-oh…about $7million (more than 10 times the amount expected on a game like this) – and the vast majority of that cash was placed on… you guessed it: Vassallo. Betfair stated that even prior to the match beginning, they were concerned about the volume of bets being placed on Vassallo. In discussion with the ATP, Betfair decided to void all bets, and return stakes to bettors.

The situation is being investigated by ATP officials.

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