JP In the House!

23 07 2007

Greetings, faithful With Malice Fan Legion. I’m JP, you may remember me from such blogs as Pyle of List and Epic Carnival. I’m here today to help traverse the cold depression of Monday without the beloved proprietor and creator of this site.

Don’t think of me as a replacement, more like a blog-sitter. Don’t break anything or get hurt and he’ll never know the wiser.

With the Simpsons movie coming out this week, I can’t get those little yellow buggers out of my head. Apparently, ESPN couldn’t either. Using John Hollinger’s Player Efficiency Ratings as a model, he rated the Simpsons on their Comedic Efficiency. Leave it to ESPN to try and cash in on something “Now” in an attempt to further integrate themselves into every aspect of American culture . Better than another report on Ref-Gate, I guess.

For some reason, they decided to send his article to me first before posting it on I thought it was my duty to post it here.

John Hollinger

Hello, I’m John Hollinger. You may remember me from such ESPN articles as Player Efficiency Ratings and… well, that’s about it. Since my mission in life is to break everything down into a ratings system that defies common sense and ignores general knowledge, I’m going to get started with the Comedic Efficiency Ratings (CER) for “The Simpsons”. You see, the suits at Bristol want me to appeal more to the 18-30 demographic. Since I can’t be black and work for Page 2 (believe me, they tried), they thought referencing aging pop culture main-stays in my ratings would be the way to go. Since I’d never actually seen an episode of the show because I don’t own a TV (all I need to analyze the NBA are the box scores, thank you very much), it took me awhile to calculate the ratings. Here they are:

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